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E3 Impressions – Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

House of the Dead: Overkill set the bar high for on-rail shooters for the Wii, bringing a linear game to life with solid gameplay and over-the-top humor.  Will Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles make a suitable rival?  I met up

Monado Beginning of the World [Wii-RPG]

Being developed by Monolith for the Wii, Manado was one of the few games that weren’t available on the show flow. The character designs seem to be similar to the character design of Xenosaga and Disaster: Day of Crisis.

Six Minutes of a Boy and His Blob

Now with more “Hug” button.

My feelings on The legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
Update: The E3 Hands On

Update: Hands On. From what I understood from an Nintendo of America employee, Spirit Tracks is actually not a continuation of the Wind Waker series in terms of a sequel to Phantom Hourglass. Yet the game happens one hundred years

E3 Interview: Capcom’s Seth Killian Talks TvC!

One of the biggest and best announcements to go under appreciated at this year’s E3 was the localization of Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom, a solid, beautiful fighting game pitting Capcom’s best against characters from Tatsunoko animation! After huge fan outcry to

E3 hands on: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicals: The Crystal Bearers

One thing the Wii has been lacking is a big name Final Fantasy game – sure we had Echos of Time, but a Wii port of a DS title hardly counts.  Square is delivering this year with Final Fantasy Crystal