E3 2009

E3: Hands on with Spore Hero

EA’s evolution RTS adventure made big waves when it was first announced several years ago, and has built a reputation around it’s customizable characters and unique worlds.  I met up with Aaron Karause at E3, marketing Manager for Spore Hero on Wii – he told me that the Wii title offered a very different experience, but retained iconic feel that made Spore a hit.

E3 09 – Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince: better than you’d think

See a movie and game by the same name? Chances are the game is going to be terrible, regardless of the quality of the film – it’s an unfortunate and generally consistent unspoken rule in video games, although classics like Goldeneye and Spider-Man 2 have proven to be exceptions.  Is Harry Potter’s latest movie game as exceptional as the boy wizard himself?  Let’s just say...

E3 WiiWare – A Collection of Good Titles

While hanging out at the Nintendo both I managed to just barely spot the WiiWare specific section. Where it had Cave Story, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Icarian: Kindred Spirits, BIT. TRIP. CORE.,and Military Madness Nectaris. Being a big Cave Story fan, I decided to check that out first!

Metroid: Other MSo did anyone realize this?

In the trailer for Metroid: Other M, this commander asks “Samus” if there was “Any objections, lady?”. The only person in the entire Metroid series to even refer to Samus as a Lady was Adam Malkovich. Who is apparently dead in the Metroid Fusion timeline, so we know this game is going to be before that one. In the trailer it suggests that their is another Samus, but accordi...

Send Infendo Radio your E3 questions!

Infendo’s big E3 podcast records this weekend, and we want to know what you want to know!  Infendo’s E3 attending staff will be on hand to discuss the big surprises of the show, the biggest let downs, the hidden gems that flew under the radar, and answer reader questions about E3 2009! Send your E3 podcast question by leaving a comment, sending an email to tips@infendo.com, or you can...

Questions about E3?

Hey Infendudes, I am heading back to New York today. I still have some coverage and impressions to get up, but I won’t be able to do any of it since I’ll be in a 5 hour flight with no wifi. So I want to prioritize to what you guys want to hear. Also, if you have any questions about E3 in general leave them in the comments and I’ll try to answer you guys back!

E3: Nyko Wand Zapper dissapointing, but okay

Nyko is well known among third party controller manufacturers – so it was no surprise when details about the Nyko “wand” alternative Wii-Remote started to surface.  What was surprising was the “trans-port” features the wand boasted over the traditional Wii remote, series of electrical contacts that would allow Nyko to transfer any button on the wand-remote to any new...

Hands on: Shiren the Wanderer

Shiren the Wanderer for Wii is the third game in the series and follows the adventure of an older and more mature Shiren. If you played Mystery Dungeon: Shiren The Wanderer for the DS you know exactly what to expect. However, for you infendudes who didn’t, you should know that the game is a roguelike.

E3 Hands on: Wii Sports Resort

I’m just going to come out and say it, Wii Motion Plus is everything Nintendo said it was going to be. After playing around with various mini games on the Wii from Table Tennis, Sword Fighting, Sky Diving, and Archery; I am almost certain that any game that uses motion plus in the future will be so accurate it will probably hinder the performance of players. Let me start off with the two imp...

Japan to get Black Wii and Red DSi

So Yeah, uh… Nintendo… when are we getting our black Wii?