Fighting Fantasy: Warlock of Firetop Mountainthe Game the Book!

Aspyr just sent over a copy of Fighting Fantasy The Warlock of Firetop Mountain. Which is the book the upcoming DS game of the same name is based on. Fighting Fantasy is apparently a long series of choose your own adventure books that were really popular in Europe but never really caught on in the US. The real attractive thing about this book is that you actually get to make a character. It’...

Broken Sword wants to be in my console

Point and click adventure games are ancient. But I still love them. So much in fact that I’m strongly considering the purchase of Broken Sword for Wii, even though I beat the Game Boy Advance version in 2002. Released in March, the updated Wii version is getting favorable reviews—both on Metacritic and Amazon—thanks to updated animations, motion controls, and a new two-player mode. Have ...

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