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Nintendo Sighting: Adventure Time

In the newest episode of Adventure Time, titled “Shh”, a familiar video game console can be seen.  Although the cartridges are not exact, the console, controller, and controller connector are pretty recognizable.  So, it seems that other than cockroaches and

Adventure Time, Come on Grab Your Friends, The Collector’s Edition is Where it Is

I admit it…I am a fan of Adventure Time.  The witty, borderline “not for kids show” humor, and the completely planned randomness of the show have made me appreciate the complexity.  When I heard that s Nintendo 3DS game would

What Time is it?! Adventure Time Video Game…Time!

Shmowzow! It looks like it’s pretty official now – there’s an Adventure Time video game coming to the 3DS and DS this Fall, as confirmed by the press release posted on the Frederator Studios blog. Creator of the wildly popular cartoon series,