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Here’s the reader’s choice for Game of the Year 2005. Although I had my money on the minority (Minish Cap), all titles easily deserve the top spot. Thanks for voting.

[Source: Infendo]


  1. Well, that was about expected. I really should go rent RE4 and see how long I can last (horror games give me the willies).

    I have a couple suggestions for the next poll:

    How would you like Nintendo to manage access to Virtual Console titles?

    1) per title prices, similar to iTunes
    2) per franchise packages [e.g. all Mario titles in a bundle]
    3) monthly subscription fee
    4) free when you buy a new game [e.g. buy a new Mario game, get
    access to all old Mario games]
    5) via birthday gifts from neighbors in Animal Crossing [just kidding]

    or how about:

    Which color Revolution are you going to buy?

    1) black
    2) white
    3) red
    4) green
    5) silver
    6) none!

  2. Hey, that first idea for a poll is a great one! And let me start off by saying, I would like a combinatio of 1 and 4. I would like a per title price option along with the occasional free download with the purchase of a game. Like if you buy a current mario platformer, you could get any SINGLE previous platformer free. Or perhaps, buy the latest mario sports title and get half off any mario sports download purchases.

  3. Why not all 5 options, properly priced?? And yes, including that Animal Crossing gift idea, why not?

    In the original Animal Crossing, you could unlock or buy classic video games, so why not bring that back for the DS and the Revolution, using in-game currency and availability? I’m not saying for all games, but for some old classic games, as an alternative way! Way cool!!

  4. Pshhh

    which bounty hunter you will play in prime hunters.

    Or the rev color one.

    Either way its a cool poll.

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