Rumor: DS Price Drop

Deep inside the Target online catalog (page 56), an online afficiando seems to have found the Nintendo DS listed at $99. Is this a Black Friday sales leak? Could it be an online error? Or Perhaps it is out-right fraud? Either way, $99 is a steal for the DS; I hope it’s for real.

[Source: Kotaku]


  1. I don’t know about this. Isn’t the Mario Kart/DS bundle supposed to be $150 when it is released next week? If so, that means one would be paying $15 more for the bundle than they would if they purchased the system and game seperately.

  2. I’m going with this being a typo. They have the Micro listed at $99.00 as well, and I find it hard to believe they would both go for the same price.

  3. It’s probably a black friday special. There are probably only 10 NDS in each store. And once they sell out, c’est la vie!

    that is a great price if you can get one!

  4. Ah my hopes have been dashed. Ah well I’m waiting for the redesign anyway so meh!

  5. I was at Target last night and the Nintendo DS was still $129.99. I hope it goes down though!

  6. How about you get one, Nic! You know you want me to hand u your ass on wifi.

  7. The micro’s supposed to get a price drop before Christmas.

  8. Don’t worry. I’m getting one for Christmas definitely.

  9. Target sent out that catalog with that printed in there as well. So if it is a misprint it is going to be a BIG misprint. I also work at Target and was talking to one of the guys that works in electronics and he doesn’t know about this price cut, if it is one for us. I will be keeping an eye out on this though to see what happens.

  10. It looks like the Nintendo DS is on sale for the holiday season.

    The price is valid for in-store purchases only.

    I believe that the sale starts on December 1 and ends on December 24.

  11. Don’t get too excited. The local Target employees haven’t heard anything about this…

    Not saying it’s not going to happen, but I’m going to be POed if the DS and Micro are the same price.

    I’d prefer the Micro drop a bit

  12. It’s only a store special. You can understand why the Micro isn’t getting the same treatment. It’s not Nintendo’s bidding.

  13. Well guys I was able to find out today at work the skinny on this deal. It turns out it is a misprint. But if you do what Vincent did then you can get it for $99.99.

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