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Not surprisingly, the majority are buying the Revolution on day one. *remembers the lovely GameCube launch some 4 years back*

Thanks for voting and be sure to hit up this week’s survey. The Regginator: Good or bad for Nintendo.


  1. Reggie is outgoing, making sure people are talking about Nintendo.

    How can he be ANYTHING but good? After Reggie started his outgoing, public marketing for Nintendo other divisions started doing this, and now Reggie and George are both publically speaking out about Nintendo.

    Its a glorious day for Nintendo, the golden age may have passed in the mid 90s but a new age is upon us. viva la revolutioN

    (Intentionally placed capital letter ^^)

    Ive posted alot today, cant sleep!

  2. My person must be disturbed
    now the cube is sold at 99 euros here in europe (italy), the day one back in 2001 I bought the first wave o the machines and i payed it 669 euros….
    but my faith in Nintendo is incredible so, i’ll buy Revo on day one for sure
    no way I’ll buy another console if I haven’t purchased the New N baby…
    then, maybe I’ll buy something else…

  3. Hum looks like 75% of infendo readers are not very sensible. To me it makes more sense to buy a console a while after it’s release. Sure it’ll be inexpensive, but it will be even cheaper a few months down the line, plus there’ll be an established range of games out by then. It’s like with the DS, now is a great period to buy one cus there’s a whole range of games to choose from unlike the launch.

    In addition buying a console or anything on the day of release is like signing up to become a beta tester, some problems are likely to emerge and will need a while to get fixed.

    Oh well what I have to say won’t stop people from buying it on the day, it will always happen. I’ll comfort in the fact that I’m in the 6%. 🙁

  4. Sensible? Everyone knows that there will be hiccups at the start. Price is not an issue, either. Nintendo has always had a huge title at their console launches, so who in their right mind would wait (nowhere near a few) months just for a measly price drop? Console launches are a big deal for early adopters because it’s such a rush being part of the movement from the start. (This one being more of a movement than any previous one.) The Revolution is such a drastic departure from what we knew as console gaming- and the Nintendo touch we have known all this time will shine through more than ever in the launch games- that this is essentially the biggest launch in history, Nintendo or not. Imagine all the fans on day one, the yelling and hoots and hollers from all the gamers on Wifi in the voice chatroom before playing Metroid Prime 3 multiplayer with their newfangled devices; the curse words from ur best friend as his Kirby falls into emptiness and ur Captain Falcon poses; the astounded remarks over voice chat from all the players in awe of Miyamoto’s newest franchise.

    How could u NOT want to be a part of that?!

  5. I had a NES back in the day (I was a charter member of Nintendo Power and had a couple of the Club newsletters before that). Then I got interested in girls, went to college, got into PC gaming, etc. Now that I’m married, I finally got another console. We’ve only had our GameCube for a year and I’ve reaped the benefits of a wealth of games for $20 or less. I even picked up two pair of bongos for $10 each.

    Despite that, I want to get in and have fun with the new system. I think the controller has really inspired me; add to that the WiFi and Virtual Console value and you end up with a must-have system.

    Rollin: Kirby rules, C. Falcon drools.

  6. Because as I said I’m sensible! 😛
    But as I said if somebody wants to buy it at launch they can, I’m just stating my case. I mean only those buying it at launch would dismiss perfectly good concerns such as price, launch games and possible bugs. *rolls eyes*

  7. “Rollin: Kirby rules, C. Falcon drools.”

    Hehe, that wasn’t the point. (And Marth rules all!!)

    “Because as I said I’m sensible! 😛
    But as I said if somebody wants to buy it at launch they can, I’m just stating my case. I mean only those buying it at launch would dismiss perfectly good concerns such as price, launch games and possible bugs. *rolls eyes*”

    Wai-Tung, i figured it out– ur insane. This is Nintendo we’re talkin about! Did u not read what i wrote? Launch games will be great, price will be fantastic, bugs (*pukes*) will not exist. (When was there ever a price drop a few months after any major console launch?) Name on Nintendo launch that was buggy; name on Nintendo launch that didn’t have at least one good game; name one Nintendo launch that was badly priced. Stop looking at the 360 as a point of reference for Nintendo’s operations, man. You’ve been Msoft jaded.

  8. (VB doesn’t count!)


  9. Please no luigis games at launch date…
    it´s bad luck!


  10. As much as I love both Nintendo and Apple, I’m not fanatical enough to ever do something as patriotic and ‘team supporting’ as buy a product immediately on release. Me insane? 0.0 Listen to yourself! But hey I don’t know how I’m meant to explain it, you have to already look beyond the actual console to know. :S

  11. This is clearly something i can’t change ur mind on, but i’ll be damned if i don’t try.

    How do i sound insane? What has Nintendo done to make you think there is a good chance buying a Revolution on launch day won’t be worth it? Like seriously, it has never happened before with Nintendo. I don’t get why ur so worried. This isn’t the 360.

    “But hey I don’t know how I’m meant to explain it, you have to already look beyond the actual console to know. :S”
    Please try to explain it to me, i’m honestly in confused to hell as to why u feel this way.

  12. “As much as I love both Nintendo and Apple, I’m not fanatical enough to ever do something as patriotic and ‘team supporting’ as buy a product immediately on release”

    It’s not a matter of patriotism. Buying a DS or 360 at launch, THAT could be considered fanatical and team supporting. (If you seriously think i buy from Nintendo just to be loyal, u’ve got me dead wrong.) Revolution is more than that. Is 200 smackers really that expensive in ur opinion? Or r killer apps and radical game control changes on day 1 not enough?

    Where is the problem!

  13. I realize i sound a bit excited in that previous comment, so let me expound on my stance. I don’t see the sense in waiting months just for a price reduction. I understand what u mean, Wai, that getting the console blindly is pretty dumb. That’s a given. But that’s not the case. We definitely know for sure there will be a couple badical Nintendo games, the controller that 3rd parties have said from experience works spectacularly, a free online service, and Nintendo’s history of fault-free launches. This is optimistic excitement, not blind faith.

    For the record, I sed DS was arguably a blind purchase on day one because, really, the true DS games weren’t there yet. 360 was another fan-only purchase for launch because the games are short of incredible for most ppl. Those were understandable.

    If the Revolution were to somehow fall apart disasterously, of course i’m gonna hold off and watch by the sidelines. I just can’t fathom that, with what we know now, someone wouldn’t want this thing ASAP.

  14. Are you going to wait to buy Twilite Princess untill it is $20. Are you going to stand by and watch every one experience the first “New” gaming console since N64. You my friend are a casual gamer, and thats not a bad thing.

    Once you see that you NEED this system, you may eat your words, and no matter how much we post will change you mind. E3 may get you pumped and maybe then we can get Rollin to comment 4 maybe 5 times in a row in excitement;)

    I tell every one I know about the system and what it can do. I support the console. I did’t by a Gamecube or DS at launch, but now that I have them I know that the direction Nintindo is going is very awesome. Play some Mario Kart WiFi and imagin a Smash Brothers Deathmatch with your homie from Japan and your cousin form France.

    And then imagin Samus with the name FRiSBY above her owning Falcon, Kirby, and the whole crew.

  15. This is clearly something i can’t change ur mind on, but i’ll be damned if i don’t try.
    I’m clearly not going to hammer any sense into you either! 😛

    Is 200 smackers really that expensive in ur opinion?
    It is if you’re working class! 😛 Seeing how it’s not essencial to my life I might even consider waiting it out a year till I can get a good second hand version for £100 or less. And in Britain a $200 console would probably be £250 cus we always get ripped off.

    Anyway I reckon you’re blowing this way out of proportion, as a casual gamer Nintendo Revolution simply isn’t an item worth getting on day 1, no matter how revolutionary it is for gaming at the end of the day it’s just a bit of entertainment. I like being tight with my money and I like getting stuff for less. I simply can’t comprehend this idea of buying something straight away! And certainy we can’t always hope that Nintendo consoles will always be reliable, sometimes major faults do happen that can’t be foreseen. Even the most reliable companies like Apple can get it wrong by accident, so I like to take a bit of caution and have a piece of mind.

    But in the end like I said, I’m a working class causal gamer, maybe my existance in your universe is a bit too difficult for you to comprehend? 😛 Peace.

  16. I was with you all the way, then you had to throw a wrench in the works by insulting my comprehension 🙁

    I had no idea u were a casual gamer, but if ur, what the hell r u doing here? I thought u guys played Yahoo Pool all day or somethin.

  17. -_-‘

    Ah well that in part explains the whole situation, the assumption was that I was a hardcore gamer so therefore I have to prove my hardcoreness by buying what will be the greatest console ever on day one. lol well I’m glad we’ve got that one sorted out. 😛

    Well from all this I hope you’ve learnt that even casual gamers browse for the news and we don’t all fit the stereotypes of playing Yahoo Pool. 😛
    Why am I here? Cus I like to read something I have an interest in and I can then have convos with my friends who are gamers, so I sound like I know a lot about the subject. lol 😀

  18. Listen, how many times do i have to tell u that it’s not to “prove ur hardcoreness”. Give the cynicism a rest. The majority of hardcore Nintendo fans r excited for Revolution. I am so excited that i want one as soon as possible. I was explaining why i’m so enthused about it because i thought u were one of these ppl, and therefore would share that vision. When u didn’t, i tried to make u see why u should.

    There’s nothing wrong about holding off a console purchase till ur safe with it. I understand that. But u have to understand that the ppl who want it more, do so for valid reasons. Not because they lack sense. What’s the point of insulting someone because they don’t share ur opinion?

  19. The thing is right, I understand that there will be people who have to go and get things out on the first day, it’s simply how they like to do things. I would be seriously worried if this wasn’t the case. It’s a case of good marketing on Nintendo’s part, loyalty from fans and just generally some people are perfectable able to afford a console on launch and they feel that they do need it straigth away.

    Basically everybody has different values, wants and needs. I was simply expressing the values of another group of people; whoms value is to get the best deal according to their own needs. From our prespective our values are quite sensible. The value of immediate gratification is a perfectly sensible value for yourself and so there is no right or wrong value if we were to take a postmodernist sociological view.

  20. “What’s the point of insulting someone because they don’t share ur opinion?”
    Accusing someone of being insultive is quite insulting in itself. :'(

    I thought we were having a light civilised conversation but if you felt it was insultive and that all the smilies I put in didn’t say to you that I wasn’t taking this dead seriously, well I seemed to have failed in everything I was trying to portray. 🙁

    *goes off to jump off a cliff*

  21. Nah, it’s ok. It did seem like u were covering ur insults by using the smilies, though. The rolling of the eyes, calling ppl insensible and such. I meant that about everyone, not just me. You also kept saying that it was a pure loyalty purchase, which i take offense to. I think that, for other ppl here, that’s definitely true, but i’m not one of those ppl. I’m not an Xbox nut, but if i had the disposable income, i woulda bought 360 in the launch period had it interested me more. Not cause i HAVE to have every new thing on day 1, but cause i am able to buy it and want it very badly. Point is, i’m not gonna go into that with my eyes closed like u insinuated.

    I don’t see the difference in waiting for a couple more games or a lower cost. The games are gonna be there at some point in the launch window. If u want more, u can certainly wait longer, but waiting a few months for the price to come down is unrealistic. Even a year after release it probably won’t drop. So,in my view, the value is gonna be big from the start. Although, neither one of us can say what’s really gonna happen till it happens.

    To each their own.

  22. Yes well the difference felt is quite different for other people isn’t it? 🙂

    I’ll be a student at university next year so there is no chance of me buying one lol! I think I’ll have to hope a friend will buy one so I can then play all day long when he’s no looking. ^_^

    Well we’ll have to wait for next year, E3 just can’t come soon enough!

  23. *a shaking of the hands*

    Same here, but i’m willing to do what’s neccesary.

  24. *shakes hands*

    That’s brilliant.

    I’m still getting the last say in this convo though. 😛

  25. ^_^

    We’ll meet (clash?) again.

  26. Maybe during the lead up to the launch of Revolution. 😛

  27. Yea, i’ll see u on the launch line ;D

  28. I’ll clear my diary out for all things I have to do that day… ¬_¬

    E3 will be a field day of work for you lot. Won’t the blog be 1 year old by then?

  29. Just about, yea. Can’t wait to score some swag.

  30. Hard to believe over 6 months ago it had such humble beginnings. ^_^

  31. I would probably vote “I’ll give it a while untill more games come out” and also I gotta save up for one I mean I’m not made of money. You know?

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