Super Paper Mario (Wii) impressions [Updated]

From Kotaku: “It certainly lives up to the franchise’s name and on first blush I’d say it’s probably the best game to hit the platform to date, or will be when it ships next week… The graphics really sparkle on my big screen. The colors are vibrant the design unique, the aesthetic pleasing. The sound too has a nice new feel to it, I noticed several occasions where the sound of wind or an approaching something bad seemed to flow past me from one overhead surround speaker to the next. Nice job Nintendo.”

From Game|Life: “Nintendo’s writers have outdone themselves. It’s still funny to watch Nintendo characters from the 80’s be completely dysfunctional. Whether it’s the constant Luigi-bashing (enemy characters shudder in fear when Mario’s around, but they mock Luigi behind his back) or under-the-radar allusions to past Nintendo games (find the Punch-Out reference!), Super Paper Mario’s script isn’t just filler, it’s there to be savored.”