Steven Spielberg’s Wii title to be “action-puzzle simulator”

Wii and Spielberg sitting in a treeBack in March we reported that Steven Spielberg — inspired by his Wii Tennis encounter with Shigeru Miyamoto at E3 2006 — was interested in working on a Wii title. Today, we find out a little more about that Wii/Spielberg project and how it’s coalesced into something with a name.

[The game will be an] action-puzzle simulator’code-named PQRS’that neatly blends the creativity of the building-blocks game Jenga with the charm of a Saturday-morning cartoon. It runs on top of a physics program that lets you manipulate blocks with the Wii remote as if it were an extension of your hand. Or, as Spielberg explains for all the non-geeks out there, “It just seemed like a great thing for the entire family to play together over Christmas. Although you don’t need the excuse of a holiday to enjoy it.”

First of all, that’s a great product pitch. When designers or producers or screenwriters make a pitch, it has to be concise and to the point. And it has to be good, natch. “Jenga meets Saturday morning cartoons” draws in the family gamers, the puzzle gamers and the kids all in one fell swoop. And it’s got me interested too. Let’s hope this game’s art direction is more E.T. than Schindler’s List however, as I don’t want to be weeping like a baby when I beat it.