Stamina Mega Flower Curry Heavy Slow Angled Brawl!

Smash Bros BrawlNormally I don’t post every little Smash Bros. Dojo update, because by now most of you probably know where that site is and check it fairly often. If you don’t then I’m sending a ninja after you. If I can’t find a ninja then it’s going to be fesworks, so be prepared either way.However, once in a great while that site surprises me, and thanks to a hot tip from Infendo’s own, David, today is one of those times.

Special Brawl is a variation on Smash Bros. Melee in that you can apply multiple special effects to a match, as opposed to just one. Hence, the title of this post. Too bad it won’t be online, huh? 😛

Pro tip: Heavy slow is the only way to live life, as far as I’m concerned.