Spore DS could suck

Spore DS

OK, so a release date for the elusive Spore has been confirmed (September). That’s good. But then ExtraLife’s Scott Johnson sent us a tip today that linked to screenshots of the DS version of Spore. They’re bad.

Now, I fully realize the DS has no chance against the PC in every department imaginable, but these screens are just atrocious. It’s free range creature customization meets Bratz as far as I’m concerned, and the more I look at them this morning the more I consider that sentiment to be an understatement. Perhaps this is because there’s a mobile version of Spore being developed alongside the DS version. It’s apparently sucking the life out of the DS version.

While I appreciate the bone Will Wright and company are throwing DS owners, sometimes when circumstances like this arise I’d almost prefer they didn’t bother.

[Thanks, Scott]