Source: Nintendo unveils new DS at autumn press event

UK pub MCV, citing an “impeccable source,” claims that Nintendo will unveil revised DS hardware at its autumn press event, scheduled for tomorrow (11:30 p.m. EST, tonight).

MCV also cites the source as confirming that the new hardware will include previously reported features, like the camera and MP3 playback. So far, Nintendo has offered up little more than the industry standard “no comment on rumors of speculation” response.

Regardless, we’ll know in a few hours what the real deal is. I’m actually kind of unimpressed with what I’m hearing. I’m sure I’ll buy the thing if it comes Stateside, but I’m simply not feeling a camera and MP3 files on my DS. Who knows, maybe Miyamoto will cook up a camera game that actually works.

Update: I’ve been told by a fellow freelancing journalist coworker that the Nintendo news may be embargoed until next Monday. Curses!