Soundbite interview with “hardcore” gamer


Infendo: What are you doing later?

Hardcore-er: I’m gonna jump on Xbox Live and listen to Pantera all night while popping off peeps in Call of Duty.

Infendo: Cool beans.


  1. well I personally think COD is a very casual game. Team Fortress 2, or Battlefield? whatever. not very funny

  2. Eh….I’m glad I’m not a hardcore gamer but a veteran gamer. I don’t ever want to be associated with that name or COD.

  3. I like CoD but playing online gets old, i’d rather just play pokemon or zelda for hours on end. I guess i’m hardcore but to a degree.

  4. huh?

    is this mocking hardcore gamers? or mocking infendo for having to look outside itself to find one? or mocking beans? or defaming pantera by association with hardcore gamers?

    i dont get it…

  5. Man you’re giving Pantera a bad name!

    Reverend, reverend, is this some conspiracy?

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