Sony to Cut 10,000 Jobs

According to Bloomberg, Sony will cut 10,000 jobs and expects it’s first loss in a decade. To be fair, this is mainly due to the beating it’s taken from Apple and Sharp in the music and television industries. But it does make you wonder if their entertainment department is slightly hindering or helping to minimize those losses.

Nintendo’s biggest competitor really needs a hit on their hands with the PS3 to keep them out of financial trouble. As of yet, the PSP isn’t cutting it.

[Source: Bloomberg]


  1. Good or bad for Nintendo?


    caution- large pdf

    but pg.s 36-39 should satisfy your q.s about sony’s profitability.

  3. I actually read an article on this in Business week, and Sony’s been having problems for a while. It looses money on it’s tv’s and music devises, makes a slim profit from music and movie licenses, and kicks ass with the playstation. This would explain why they are trying to make the PS3 do all things that they loose money on.

  4. well, that’s what they deserve for making electronic expensiver than competitors… I remember when I bought my Ps1, my dad said “My god, you must think we are sitting in a pile of money buying a Sony branded nintendo!!” that’s how everyone sees Sony, as best quality but more expensive than the others. Now most DVD players by them offer little features against all of the others, except pioneer. remember atrac? remember how long they pushed beta & minidisc? Sony is due for a fall… let hope it can rely on the Ps3 to keep them from more layoffs…

  5. sony, making profit with PS3 in first two years?……… LOL

  6. I think the PS3 will sell pretty good in North America.

    Not many of my friends like the “queerness” of the Revolution controller when you play it and their not considering to get XBox, but since Revolution will be cheaper I think it will outsale it’s compatition, maybe not in everycountry, but most likely in global standards.

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