Sonic Rush WiFi

In a recent interview with GameSpy, creator of Sonic Yuji Naka has divulged that his soon-to-be hedgehog masterpiece, Sonic Rush for the DS, will have a competitive multiplayer game option through download play. This is sweet. In my opinion, Sonic Rush is destined to be the best Sonic game in recent memory, probably since Sonic CD. Loop-de-loops and bullet-speed jumps that stretch across two screens? I’m there.

[by Rollin, Source: DS-x2]


  1. Should be nice.

    Any one intrested in next gen?

  2. Oh man, that DOES look fun! I still don’t have a DS AHHHH I’m gonna freakk outtt!!!

  3. WiFi !?! But you don’t mean online play do you ? That’d be….fun, but not really appropriate for a Sonic imho….
    Well, multiplayer for Sonic is very nice imho….very nice game….ahhh so many nice games….

  4. Now all they need to do is make Monkey Ball DS ONLINE!!!

  5. What does IMHO mean? I see it everywhere! Does it mean “In my ____ opinion??”

    !?>?!?!? !

  6. Honest.

  7. It means humble, jeez.

  8. IMHO = In My Humble/Honest Opinon

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