GameDaily’s Top Ten Games for the Rest of 2007

beemario.jpgGameDaily posted their list of the Top 10 Best Games for the Rest of 2007. Nintendo will see 60% of these games on Wii and DS. Could it be a more exciting time to own a Nintendo system? Here’s a run-down of the Top Ten.

10. Rock Band [360 & PS3]
9. Metroid Prime 3 [Wii]
8. Call Of Duty 4 [360 & PS3]
7. Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass [DS]
6. Guitar Hero III [Wii, 360, & PS3]
5. Grand Theft Auto IV [360 & PS3]
4. Madden NFL 08 [All systems]
3. Halo 3 [360]
2. Super Smash Bros. Brawl [Wii]

1. Super Mario Galaxy [Wii]

So just to do a little numbers dance…

Number of games for Nintendo systems: 6
Number of titles exclusive to Nintendo systems: 4
Number of titles exclusive to Xbox 360: 1
Number of titles exclusive to PS3: 0

One sticking point for me, though, is that inclusion of Madden 08. Pull that guy out of there and put in Assassin’s Creed and I think the list would be a little bit better for it. Feel free to head over to their site and see why they think Madden should be included, as well as their full write up on the other titles.

Is there anything coming out by the end of the year that they missed?

[Thanks, John McG]