Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed Trailer

I love Mario Kart, I have since it first debuted, but I have a confession…

I think that Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed might push its way ahead of our buddy Mario.  The game looks fantastic, and if the controls are as smooth s the video makes them appear, I will be an instant fan.

What are your thoughts?













5 Responses to Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed Trailer

  1. snarksnark says:

    diddy kong racing.

  2. Richard says:

    It looks good, but gameplay, balance, depth, etc. will really determine its quality. I love Mario Kart’s style; nothing seems out of place in its world. Sonic’s racing games seem to be all over the map as far as —

    Wait a second — I can race as Gilius Thunderhead? SOLD!

  3. Hitokiri_Ace says:

    It looks interesting! I just don’t know if I have room in my life for another “kart racing” game.

  4. wakko1337 says:

    DKR has you race as one type of vehicle at a time.

    This transitions between three. Nothing is similar.

    I just can’t wait to see how Danica Patrick plays in the game.

  5. The Adza says:

    The first Sonic racing game was excellent playing solo. 2 player was just alright. The track design made it very hard to see at times. And while it wasn’t anywhere near as frustrating as what Mariokart is with its blue shells, it did lack that bit of random fun infuriating failure that Mariokart is known and sometimes hated for, but it’s always fun. But the first game was still pretty great in its own right. So I’m looking forward to the sequel. As for the next Mariokart, I hope there is an option to turn off the blue shell. I won’t be turning it off though. As annoying as it is, I think the game would get boring without it, but the option would be nice.

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