Smash Bros. like you’ve never seen them before (and hopefully ever again)

brawl_gregdestefano_21I freely admit that this is the first time something related to Super Smash Bros. Brawl has frightened me. A little. More eeriness here. That said, Zero Suit Samus is, as ever, still sexy.


  1. But people have been proclaiming the awesomeness of this series for a while now. It’s sooo good!

  2. These screens are from a web series called ‘There Will Be Brawl.’

    It’s actually really good, although I wouldn’t recommend it to younger people.

  3. Sweet

  4. Yeah, these are from There will be brawl as it’s already been said, and if you’re an adult and a fan of the smash bros series, it worth checking out, as the story is basically a what if, of the mushroom kingdom if the fit where to hit the shan and what not.

    I really like their takes on some of the characters

  5. Great series ‘cept for the fact the guy who writes it is a total dick.

  6. Yeah, I just discovered this series last week and it’s great.