Super Smash Bros Brawl – Masterpieces game mode revealed

smbinbrawl225.jpgI’m not sure if this is an attempt to market Virtual Console games or an homage to the great series in Nintendo’s history, but there’s a new Smash Bros Brawl mode revealed today.

Several memorable characters compete for brawl supremacy’that’s Super Smash Brothers Brawl in a nutshell.
But what about the past fights for each of those characters? What were they like?
It may sound impossible, but you can experience those battles in Brawl as well!
That’s right, for the first time ever, you can play trial versions of these games by the miracle of Virtual Console!

The post on the Smash Bros Dojo goes on to say that each game will have a time limit and that it doesn’t require use of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. They also reveal the following games as part of the mode: Ice Climber, Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Kid Icarus, Kirby’s Adventure, Super Metroid, and Star Fox 64.

Sounds like they’re trying to cram as much onto one Wii disc as they can. What do you think of this new Brawl revelation?