Shaun the Sheep and Infendo Giveaway!

Recently Nintendo entered into a partnership with Aardman Animations, the creative genius behind Wallace and Gromit.  As a result, the Nintendo 3DS will feature a brand new Shaun the Sheep 3D adventure, available for free, via SpotPass.  The free episodes began on March 7th, 2012 and are expected to continue across 15 free episodes in the UK.

For some, this might be old news or even not applicable if they live in North America.  However, I think that this is very exciting news.  The 3DS is a small gaming system with a lot of potential, maybe more than we even realize.  The 3DS is packed full of features that can be applied to many different media types.  I was speaking to someone the other day, and they mentioned that the only thing missing is an internal cellular phone option (or even skype **hint hint**). With all the available options, why not take it to the next level?  Sure the PSP gave us the option to buy movies made specifically for the device, unfortunately it was not as popular as expected.  Why buy a movie for your PSP, Blue Ray, DVD, VCR, and Beta Max when you can buy a DVD/Blue Ray combo pack instead.  Nintendo is doing this the right way by providing original content that people will be willing and eager to watch.  Of course, not all content will be right for everyone, and there will be some trial and error.

Partnerships like the one with Aardman Animation is a huge step in the right direction.  It gives Nintendo an opportunity to showcase original programming, with existing studios that have a cult following.  I can’t wait to see what direction this takes!


If you have not already entered the Infendo Giveaway, please be sure to click this link to find out the details!  You have until 5PM CST today to enter!

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