Shaun the Sheep and Infendo Giveaway!

Recently Nintendo entered into a partnership with Aardman Animations, the creative genius behind Wallace and Gromit.  As a result, the Nintendo 3DS will feature a brand new Shaun the Sheep 3D adventure, available for free, via SpotPass.  The free episodes began on March 7th, 2012 and are expected to continue across 15 free episodes in the UK. For some, this might be old news or even not applicable...

Nintendo sends a surprise guest to some 3DS owners

North American owners of Nintendogs + cats got a Spotpass notice on their devices yesterday, telling them that the 26th President of the United States had dropped by for a visit, bringing along his bull terrier, Pete. The notification included a bit of historical background about the dog’s infamous reputation (he was accused of ripping the pants off a french ambassador.) Now, this is fun. If...

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