Sequel to The Conduit already in the works?


The best Wii game you’ve never played may already have a sequel.

During an interview with IGN, High Voltage Software’s Eric Nofsinger suggested a sequel to The Conduit, one of the most highly anticipated games of 2009, may already be in early planning and development.

“I think you guys will be happy with the publisher we’ve landed with because they’re big believers in what we’re trying to do on the Wii. … One of our main criteria (in choosing a publisher) was we still wanted to have a lot of access to the press…some of the other criteria that we definitely wanted to make sure was in the mix was having the ability to get started on the sequel right away, so that is something that we’re excited about as well.”

Nofsinger and other High Voltage members also discussed the game’s publisher situation, their hardcore focus on Wii and more. Listen to the full interview on the latest IGN Nintendo podcast.

The Conduit is still without a publisher, though High Voltage has indicated an announcement will be made in the coming month.


  1. Easy access to the press would suggest something like EA, one of the biggest publishers out there, they pretty much have their own press.
    I doubt they’ve gone with Nintendo ’cause the press they’d create would have adverts with people diving around the room needlessly, I doubt they would want that for their hardcore game.

  2. When I talked with Eric Nofsinger at PAX, I tried to find out any information about the publisher; I had some sort of feeling it could very well be Nintendo.
    Representatives of Konami and Square Enix also are hoping for the same result – they both want Nintendo to be the publisher.

    It seems to me that IGN is a lot slower at getting this information than I did…

  3. I honestly think that Nintendo should publish the game. But then again Nintendo doesn’t seem to be as forward with their game announcements as other companies are. Otherwise, Activision or EA should publish the game, yet with a publisher, they have to worry about who the IP will belong to at that point.

    But I don’t really care to much about the publisher in this case because from the sounds of it, High Voltage is almost done with the game, just throw in some more levels, and of course add the Wiimotion+ to it and it would be good to go. Needless to say, regardless of publisher, several Wii owners will be flocking to this game in droves, because of the fact that FPS games are the best on Wii (MP3 Corruption = best shooter!) and also the multiplayer component the game may be supporting (Hopefully it will!).

  4. part 2! let us play part one first damn it before we talk about sequels to games we haven’t gotten to even touch…(this was no way meant as an insult or complaining i just want to play conduit really bad)

  5. Just to let you know, they used a 140+ page document on conspiracy theories in order to create this plotline – so that many pages can definitely inspire more than one sequel.
    (And when I did talk to Eric, he hinted there would be at least 2 sequels.) 🙂

  6. Sweet thanks Joltman I haven’t been able to meet up with any of these guys and nintendo being a publisher for other people also is pretty crazy! But Konami and Square Enix WOW! In away this could be away for nintendo to evoke a seal of quality if they choose to do this. Man times must be pretty bad for Konami and Square Enix to ask nintendo to pub them. Man the HD gen has people struggling huh?

    I hope it’s nintendo… retro and these guys would be the perfect fit for replacing RARE and silicon knights. The access to the press thing would work for nintendo also since NOA does really do lots of promotions for Hardcore games and really why should they? If they are for hardcore then we know how to get our own info. Just put that money back into making more games.