Rygar update: Argus, graphics and Wii controls

Rygar WiI both loved and hated the original Rygar. I played it on a friends’ NES a lot, and we usually ended up screaming at the TV because, as any gamer knows, cussing out a television actually affects gameplay and allows you to beat final bosses. It was also pretty enjoyable nevertheless.

And now there’s a “new” Rygar coming to Wii. I use quotes because it’s actually the 2002 Playstation 2 game with tacked on Wii controls. Or so I thought until today. 1up — yup, that 1up — has a preview up today that fleshes out a bit what Tecmo has planned for this remake. Yes, I said remake, as in the Wii Trauma Center kind of remake, because there are some fundamental changes to the game that are worth a mention.

Aeropause (again!):

This game features a newly-designed avatar, all new enemies to replace the poorly-received enemies in the PS2 version, fully Wii-rebuilt controls, and next up in the development process is improving the visuals to match the capabilities of the Wii, something that will definitely have to be watched closely.

The interview is a good read, with a lot more info than I’m putting here of course, and I recommend it. The hard questions are asked, to the point where the responses almost seem to reflect the interviewee having taking offense. The most interesting thing in the interview is how the developer says they’re intentionally trying to make it so you need to use full motions to execute the moves in the game, so it will actually be physically taxing to play. This is exactly what everyone feared Wii games would be like before launch, and ironically, what some of us are finding is an aspect of the most fun games on the system, simply because the player becomes so much more involved in the game.

I still don’t mind getting up to play a Wii game. It’s almost a year old now, but Wii Sports will still see me making exaggerated movements in tennis or bowling (slide that back foot!). That’s just me though. Is a physically taxing, yet PS2-based Rygar worth the effort?