Rumor: Wii to use VoIP with controller mic

Mega Games is reporting (albeit unsubstantiated) that a built-in mic for VoIP gameplay calls is in the works for Wii. Though likely, take with a helpful dose of salt. From the article: “The Nintendo controller will feature a microphone and will store a user phonebook/address book while it will be used as a VoIP phone and will help gamers communicate while online without the need for a headset… Nintendo is not playing by the book on this one; so expect nothing and anticipate everything.”

The site also mentions the following:

  • Users will be able to use the phone for video calls although it does not clarify exactly how a camera will come into play in the setup.
  • Nintendo owns the domain. Rumors of a Wii dedicated interactive channel that will carry animations, games and game trailers, TV shows and other audio/visual content have already started doing the rounds