Rumor: Price chopped 3DS is already being targeted for a major do-over

When it rains it pours: Nintendo is allegedly sending the 3DS back to the shop for a major 2012 overhaul, including a head-scratching $10 add-on thumbstick that will attach to the devices’s right side and a decreased emphasis on 3D capabilities.

The disheartening rumor arrives courtesy a tipster over at 1UP, who has in the past successfully provided insider information about the Wii U and Sony Vita handheld. Also included in the rumor is news that Nintendo will re-do the device’s dated aesthetics and decrease the amount of focus it has placed on 3D. Did I mention that second part already? My bad. Consider it an example of stereoscopic criticism.

In the end, what we’ll have is a DSi, uh, Plus with a $10 accessory that only a small percentage of owners will actually buy then? Awesome news.

As always, this is a rumor. Take with salt and consider it accordingly. If true, however, this device will go down as one of the biggest disappoints in Nintendo history. Some Nintendo diehards, like me, argue that it’s atthat point already.

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  1. LegendofPaperZelda says:

    Umm… I think it meant that it would ‘lessen the focus on the 3D ANGLE’ by broadening the viewing angle with an improved screen design. But you may be right too I guess. Reader’s perception. And the extra circle pad will probably be required for some games, and if it doesn’t work on the old 3DS, I will sell it and buy a Vita.
    (not really, but I won’t be happy)

  2. lego_maniac says:

    This rumor doesn’t even make sense. A $10 add-on thumbstick? Umm, what’s the point? And a “decreased emphasis on 3D” can be accomplished simply by making games that don’t focus on 3D, not by making new hardware. Sounds bogus to me.

    Also, the 3DS is hardly one of Nintendo’s biggest disappointments. So the launch was slow, so what? That doesn’t affect my personal experience with the system, which has been overwhelmingly positive. The 3D graphics are amazing, lots of fun built-in software, Streetpass rocks, and Nintendo finally has solid online functionality with the eShop, automatic updates, and video. Ocarina of Time is a blast, Star Fox is almost here, and there’s a strong lineup for the rest of the year and beyond, what’s not to like?

  3. Neil N says:

    Geez, Blake I’m sorry for complaining about your negativitiy in posts. I forgot that this guy is 10X worse and more annoying

  4. Brett says:

    A redesign so soon sounds fishy. As for the analog slider add on? I think it’s just a BS rumor. I posted something on another website about why it makes no sense. Here is that post:

    First off where does it attach and how? It can’t go over the buttons because then it wouldn’t be an analog circle stick, it would just be a glorified dpad because the 3DS doesn’t have analog buttons- and since the ABXY buttons are already arranged like a dpad, why would you want a peripheral to go over them when you could simply just press them as if they were a dpad since the buttons would have to be mapped to up/down/left/right controls if the second circle pad was going to be used by a game anyway. It’s redundant. Also, the most popular use for a second analog stick is aiming in shooter games. If it went over the buttons and only afforded the range of motion that a dpad afforded, it would be terrible for aiming. Furthermore there is no way it could attach on by snapping into something unless it was mounted to a shell that wrapped around both the top and bottom of the 3DS base, which would make it huge. It can’t use magnets because the 3DS surface is plastic, not metal. A suction cup is fucking retarded and you wouldn’t be able to close the 3DS- not to mention it would most likely cover the power button or the wireless switch.

    Second- how does it connect to the 3DS. The only way for it to interface with the 3DS directly is if plugs straight into the game port and then has a game port of its own built in so you can insert a game into the peripheral otherwise you would only be able to use it on 3DSware. It won’t use the power port because that is only for power. If it uses wifi to sync with the 3DS in a similar way to bluetooth devices then it would require a wifi transceiver of its own, which means it would require a battery or would possibly have to attach to the power port to draw power from the 3DS itself or would have to be its own battery as well which could fit into the 3DS battery slot like a nyko power pac- all of these possibilities would make it huge and more expensive and definitely not 10 bucks.

    The only way i could see this being a cheap 10 dollar peripheral is if the circle pad was connected to a flat arm that extended to the left of the circle pad and had a nub on it that was in contant contact with the touchscreen. The area of the touchscreen it was making contact with would be programmed by the developer of the game to have an area that acted as an analog input like some iOS games. Move the circle pad up and the arm with the nub moves up within that area, let go and the circle pad and arm snap back to the center. The problem with this is that since the 3DS screen is single touch, and since the nub arm would need to be constantly pressing on the screen, you would only be able to use the touchscreen to support the second circle pad and would forego any other kind of touchscreen functionality.

    It’s B-friggin-S.

    p.s. I forgot to mention another possibility- it could use the 3DS’s infrared sensor to communicate with the 3DS. But again it would need battery power and an IR LED to do so and would have to wraparound the entire 3DS to reach it.

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  6. Brett says:

    @ Neil N

    I hear you-negative posts about Nintendo can get on my nerves sometimes, too – but I’ve been seeing more and more of them over the past six months on a variety of gaming sites and I have to admit, they represent a growing dissatisfaction among nintendo fans which in many peoples’ opinions (mine included) is very real and quite justified. So here is my negative contribution to that.

    All of Nintendo’s hardware has been suffering from a serious lack of quality content lately (Wii, 3DS, eshop) and rather than attempt to fix the problem with obvious, inexpensive, and easy solutions for the time being (such as localizing games that Nintendo fans have stated en masse that they want or making the desired older games available on the eshop) Nintendo has handled the problem in a way that leaves many fans wondering if Nintendo still cares about them. Now I’ll be the first to say that I think the 3DS is Nintendo’s best handheld yet (in a year or so, I’ll be able to play over half the Zelda library on a handheld, nuff said IMO) and I do believe that it wasn’t intentional on Nintendo’s part and that they are trying to get a lot of great games out by year’s end. But, specifically with regards to the eshop, Nintendo is demonstrating that they would rather take advantage of their customers’ desire for content than satiate it. For example- Virtual Console games are emulated and require a very short turnaround period to take from ROM image to downloadable app. The games are more simple than modern games and require much less testing- not to mention there are thousands of them. There is no reason we shouldn’t have a ton of good games to play right now on the eshop, rather than a handful of good ones and a ton of crap most people don’t care about. One gameboy game a week? Seriously? I understand Nintendo is a business and that the point of a business is to make money. But when you have a loyal fanbase that supports your company through dark fiscal times you shouldn’t trickle out the crap games first, hoping people with nothing to play will scoop them up and thus assuring more sales for the moment, while saving the good ones for later. Frankly, this, coupled with their stance on the mobile space as well as internet connectivity which, to some, comes across as a slightly arrogant inabilty to accept the reality of the current videogame markets with regards to digital distribution, online play, and generally what is obvious that fans want, gives some of us the frightening impression that Nintendo is stumbling forward, rather than forging ahead as they would like everyone to believe.

    Or it could be that Sony has hired gymnasiums full of professional trollers and has dispatched them across all forms of media in an attempt to create dischord and greivance among the Nintendo faithful. Who knows, maybe this rumor is one of those…

  7. David says:

    So once they do this, will all of us Ambassadors get more free games? 🙂

  8. Artefacto says:

    Surely a redesign means Nintendo is doomed. No one likes redesigns, specially if it’s a new DS version. How could they, oh dear.

  9. Nfanboy says:

    I read the orignal article.
    Really interesting…
    How on Earth Nintendo is finding out right now that the 3DS needs a second analog stcik ?
    That’s just beyond me ! What they were thinking ?
    A redesign ? Just 1 year I spent 250 Euros on a 3DS ? That would be hard to swallow…

  10. Mohan says:

    Horrible news, I just hope it is a romuor on the wrong end and not on the end of becoming true. 3DS haven’t even had it’s first holiday season yet.

  11. Kai says:

    TBH, I’m mostly playing with the 3D off already.

  12. baelnic says:

    It’s funny. When the 3DS came out I said I wanted better battery, more games, lower price. Lower price is done, more games are coming, but I’m still not any closer to buying it because now I know they are going to have to redesign it to try to eek out more sales. It’s an unofficial Osborne effect. I know they are going to redesign so I hold off on buying it until then.

    What a weird place to be in for Nintendo.

  13. EdEN says:

    Ah, gotta love rumors. Now, this isn’t like the Dualshock being introduced all that time ago and games supporting the new analog input, this is the whole console! Nintendo COULD give out the second analog for free to those that register their 3DS and all would be good in the world IF this is real and there would be no problem.

    I haven’t gotten a 3DS yet so maybe they “announce” this revision at TGS?

  14. ac says:

    if there’s any ounce of truth to this, its probably that thumbstrap that came with the original DS. they’ll ship out one to all existing 3DS owners, and include it in the new SKU.

  15. InvisibleMan says:

    What does “decreased emphasis on 3D capabilities” even mean?? Does that refer to the marketing campaign, or are they actually going to change the hardware settings of the 3D effect? And what would that entail?

    Like Yoda said, either it has 3D or it doesn’t have 3D… there is no de-emphasized 3D!

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