Rumor: Price chopped 3DS is already being targeted for a major do-over

When it rains it pours: Nintendo is allegedly sending the 3DS back to the shop for a major 2012 overhaul, including a head-scratching $10 add-on thumbstick that will attach to the devices’s right side and a decreased emphasis on 3D capabilities.

The disheartening rumor arrives courtesy a tipster over at 1UP, who has in the past successfully provided insider information about the Wii U and Sony Vita handheld. Also included in the rumor is news that Nintendo will re-do the device’s dated aesthetics and decrease the amount of focus it has placed on 3D. Did I mention that second part already? My bad. Consider it an example of stereoscopic criticism.

In the end, what we’ll have is a DSi, uh, Plus with a $10 accessory that only a small percentage of owners will actually buy then? Awesome news.

As always, this is a rumor. Take with salt and consider it accordingly. If true, however, this device will go down as one of the biggest disappoints in Nintendo history. Some Nintendo diehards, like me, argue that it’s atthat point already.