[Update] Rumor: Nintendo to unveil larger 3DS model. Wii U price revealed as well?


3DS modelsJapanese business publication Nikkei is reporting that Nintendo will unveil a redesigned 3DS during their E3 press conference on Tuesday. The translated report states that the new 3DS model will have a larger screen measured at 4.3 inches. The new screen size of the rumored redesign would make it 1.5 times than the current 3DS. In addition, the Nikkei also reports that the new model could launch as early as this summer in North America, Europe, and Japan.

Also, the issue of the Wii U price is apparently revealed by the Nikkei report. 30,000 yen is the rumored price, which roughly translates to just under $390.

As much as non-3DS owners like myself have been clamoring for a redesign of the handheld, the idea of a bigger screen will grab the attention of some, but will a second circle pad or even better battery life (a deal breaker for me when the 3DS first launched) be included?

We’ll find out soon enough tomorrow at Nintendo’s E3 2012 press conference, which begins at 9:00 PST on Tuesday.

[Update] – Nintendo has responded to the Nikkei’s report by stating that it was based on speculation. The company also reiterated that people will get the information they need from their pre and post-E3 conferences.

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  1. Bigger screen? Sign me up. Wii U at $390? ….Yikes! I hope this one turns out to be just a rumor…but who am I kidding, I’ll buy it no matter what.

  2. The price alone would give me one important question: Would the Wii U Game Pad have multi-touch controls? If so, then that could explain a steep price.

  3. I thought Nintendo confirmed that the 3DS rumor isn’t true.

  4. Bigger screen, longer batt life and right circle pad? I so, sign me up

  5. I dont believe it. I’m sure there is a remodel in the works, but not yet. Nintendo will be too focused on trying to sell the Wii U this year. The 3DS will hopefully be supported by great software in the lead up to the end of year holidays, but Nintendo won’t have the budget and resources to try and launch a 3DS revision while still pushing the older model, launching the Wii U, and still trying to flog off some cheap Wii systems, not to mention their first party games, I’m sure Pokemon Black/White 2 will be getting a big push as well. There’s just to much going on for a revision so soon, plus I’m sure Nintendo want to start reaping the rewards when the original model 3DS starts making a profit on each unit sold before releasing a new model.

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