RUMOR: Nintendo and E3


An IGN member, that goes by the name of 100 Year Old Gamer, has shared some rumors centering around Nintendo and E3.  As always, these are just rumors until they are proven or dismissed by Nintendo themselves, however 100 Year Old Gamer has proven correct in the past, and he claims to work at Nintendo (Don’t they all though?).

Below is a lost of some of the information that he reveled within an IGN forum:

  • Nintendo will air three to five Nintendo Directs before and around E3, starting on May 30
  • 3D Mario will be “huge, bigger than any Mario game to date” and looks “unlike anything you’ve ever seen”
  • Retro’s new game will be first person, futuristic, and something everyone wants them to do
  • When asked if “a certain Super Saiyan” would join Smash Bros (since Namco is involved), he said it “hasn’t been decided yet, but there is a chance”

In my opinion, the first two are very plausible.  I can also believe that Retro will be releasing something big, and I could see them releasing an FPS in an attempt to battle the Call of Duty franchise, in an attempt to show EA that they don’t need them.  However, I am still skeptical.  What are your thoughts?  Could this be real, and if not do you think that any of the points are feasible?  What would you like to see from Nintendo leading up to, during, and after E3?

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