Rumor: Mario MMORPG and More

Another “insider source” site has popped up and managed to stay vague enough not to be discredited. Here’s a batch of unsubstantiated rumors from the new source:

  • In the extremely early stages right now is a MMORPG game set in the Mario universe.
  • There will be an African American lead character in one of the earlier “Revolution” games
  • The new redesign of the DS will be “Revolutionary”.
  • The first explanation of what is revolutionary about the system itself will still be revealed this year.
  • “Revolution” is not the final name anymore.
  • Broadband will offer full support. 56K connections will work with most of the games, don’t worry.

Well, what do you think? Will we all be visiting the Mushroom Kingdom online soon?


  1. MMORPG: Pretty much expected that eventually.

    African American lead character: Uh, ok..

    DS is Revolutionary: Probably means the look and styling for the DS will be updated to match the Revolution (including available colors), or could mean that it’s going to have a way to connect to the Revolution’s controller.

    Explanation before year end: Hopefully. It would follow the ‘new information every few months’ approach that they’ve been going on for a while.

    “Revolution” name change: Yeah, we know

    Broadband will offer full support: Meaning slower speeds will offer less options? Doubtful that the Wifi adapter will work via 56k, too. Nintendo Wifi has an online test site for compatibility with their adapter. Anyone here with dial-up want to check their system for compatibility?

  2. Sounds good, the MMORPG will be free since it’s coming out of Nintendo. Fanboys will already be talking about some nosense when it comes to there being an African American boy, I’m cool with that idea.

    If the DS revision is ‘Revolutionary’ that will certainly help me when I go making a mock up sketch of what it might look like.

  3. I see no reason why i should be inclined to believe this at all. I think someone mentioned a Mario MMO before. The DS revision looking like the Rev is (hey now, Rev-vision. That’s the final name!1111) a safe guess, not a revelation. I do like the black protagonist thing cause i know that, coming from Nintendo, it won’t be no True Crime/GTA typical videogame black lead. Heck, if true, it’s prob a woman, which would make it much better. That’s easily fabricated too, though. 56k support? I guess, but if the DS can’t do it, what makes u think the Rev can. That’s like more than 10 times the amount of data that has to be transferred on the Rev compared to a MKDS.

    Screw these little rumor blogs.

  4. I’ll have you know this much, if these were real they wouldn’t be hosted on freewebs. A real inside source would at least use a blog host.

  5. Maybe he is using freewebs to protect his identity, i dunno… But if you check the early posts you will see that almost evrything of what he said became truth.

  6. Does that mean that this particular game will be set in America?

    Enough of this “african american” nonsense. “Black” will do nicely, and it spans the whole planet, thank you.

  7. Considering that the dates on his posts are true i would say that some of what he said became truth. In August he talked about the Mario Strikers pack with a gamecube of different colour. He also said in september

    “I’m fairly certain you know that Samus (working title) is being developed for the “Revolution”, correct? The controller and peripheral known work great for it. But there is something more. Something that is missing. Do the math”

    A visor??? Miyamoto said something like that in November, when he said the TV was too limiting.

    I dunno , too much like Nostradamus for me

  8. I just remember that he called the date of the controller to be shown to the world, destroyed rumors of dates before this that the controller would be shown, and pointed out similarities with fan-ideas (and fake ‘insider’ knowledges)

    He might be a load of crap, but that was one of the most amazing revelations I have ever seen from any insider, so I will keep up to date, even if he is 100 percent wrong it is fun to dream is it not ^^

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