Revolution Specs?

This rumor is for all you uber geeks out there. Apparently some guy named Han Solo has posted what he claims are leaked Revolution specs on GameSpot forums. Who knows about their validity but link away if interested.

1 IBM Custom PowerPC 2.5 GHz with 256 KB L1 cache…

[Source: GameSpot Forums]


  1. Is that the Ringo Star version of an internet rumor geek?

  2. Sounds realistic, but imho specs don’t say much about the actual performance and what the games will look like…
    There are people that make fantastic looking 3D demos that run on C64s…
    What I mean is, that consoles are very different from PCs, the developers can concentrate on this exact configuration and optimize their game accordingly…so the better you know the hardware and optimize your game for it, the better the game looks….

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