Revolution Ramblings

IGN has shared some inside info from their close friends at Revolution development studios. What it boiled down to was that the Rev will have very modest tech under its flaps, only a little beefier than an original Xbox, but the developers are fine with it. [Thanks, Carmine]

Nintendo promised us that Revolution software will undercut Xbox 360 and PS3 software prices, topping out at 50 bucks. 3rd party stuff will be exempt from this rule. In the same story, Nintendo said that Revolution will support external HDD and other 3rd party devices for storage. Speaking about the 2 USB ports, Iwata stated, “practically any storage method can be used.” Also, Iwata thinks in-game advertising is a passing trend. [Thanks, Heitz]

Call of Duty will make a trip to the Revolution at its launch and/or launch window, according to GotNext.

Mark Rein says that it’s unlikely that we’ll see Unreal Engine 3 games on the Revolution, continuing the back-and-forth of whether or not this damn graphics engine will be on the Rev. Before you moan and groan, remember that Epic’s next-gen plans mainly rely on super computers (360 and PS3 included) that can easily display their new Unreal Engine 3. It makes sense that he go against a console that has more down-to-earth specs– he’s trying to sell his product.

And just because we didn’t mention it before, Iwata sez “new forms of innovative software that can be created by any size developer will be made available for download via Revolution’s Virtual Console service.”