Revolution Pressing the Right Buttons

Next-Gen analyzes Nintendo’s upcoming Revolution strategy along with the history of controllers. They believe Nintendo, more than anyone, needs a “revolution.” From the article: “The Revolution is a revolution in the sense that it goes all the way back to the beginning. Next Generation looks at the history of game controllers – especially Nintendo’s – and the fascinating evolution that has resulted in the company’s new, big idea.”

[Source: Next-Gen]


  1. There are a few extra ‘amp;’ in the link so it doesn’t work. Here is the fixed link. Printer-friendly version can be found here. (ie. the whole article on one page)

  2. The people need to view the whole concept behind the revolution controllers, it’s clear that all the attention is under the remote tv concept, but also the revolution got a “normal” control, it’s fair think that the rev comes with a bundle (normal/tvremote).

    A current good game (offside of the game mechanics) its MKDS, because its not based in the “Stylusesque scheme” and the success of the DS its the ALL that can do with more than one control scheme, so since the N64 Nintendo tries to pack 2 or more control schemes an promote new ideas of gaming, all the fuzz now its in the news ant hte hings dn’t change until may…

  3. I was thinking today… Why are all the next gen boxes sticking to a maximum of four controllers? It seems like this wireless era would mean that you don’t have to be limited by how many plugs you have on the console anymore. And since Nintendo is already experimenting with 8-player systems in Mario Party 7… Is it possible that they could be considering this, but don’t want to say anything until the PS3 is finalized and stuck with only 4? It would certainly be a leg up on the competition, Smash Bros would be insane. And I know there are only four lights on the bottom of the controller but I really don’t think that design is final anyway.

  4. Interesting take on things, though with online gameplay, I don’t think more than 4 controllers are necessary (And I know you’re not saying that they are, just that’d it be a very nice touch. I agree, and would gladly take 8 of those babies!) By the way, Sony has officially announced that w/their wireless BlueTooth technology, players will be able to play with up to seven controllers wirelessly – though neither the Xbox350 nor the PS3 (and please correct me if I’m wrong!) have slots to connect past controllers, unlike the Revolution, which has a port of GC controllers. I wouldn’t put it past Nintendo, though! 🙂


  5. Ah, I hadn’t heard that news from Sony. Well, there you go then. Seven is kind of a weird number…

  6. PS3 handles 7 controllers through bluetooth plus one connected through USB. Grand total of 8. Rev is jealous! :X

    I tease, i tease.

  7. I don’t know if Rev is jealous right now … at CES the PS3 lacked a controller in its plastic display case.

    My guess, they are probably feverishly reworking it to take advantage of all the features they ganked off of Revolution.

    Anyone notice how Sony and the PS3 have really stepped in it as of late? Developers are getting antsy with the launch date and available software (no final dev kits have been delivered, apparently), they continue to brag that it will cost a lot of money, and now they let some fanboys tell them how to build a controller.

    Just my opinion, anyway

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