Revolution News tomorrow?

There are a plethora of sites claiming that Nintendo will reveal more information about the Revolution tomorrow, August 24. This just happens to be the date that both the GameCube and GBA were announced so history might be on our side.

I just took this screenshot of Google News. Sign of things to come or just a glitch? We’ll just have to wait and see…


  1. Hmm interesting that GC and GBA were announced on August 24th….
    I heard a rumor (via Joystiq from IGN) that Nintendo would release more info right after the Games Convention…
    So maybe….ahhh it would be sooo nice 😀
    But they’ll probably release every single piece of information about the Rev EXCEPT for the final controller 😉


    I don’t think I can take much more of this excitement!

  3. I don’t blame them for not coming out public with the controller. The PS3 controller shown is a prototype, and given a spring launch, they would have time to copy Nintendo. It sure sucks not knowing, but I can understand their hesitance in revealing it.

  4. What if?

    It’s not the controller that is so much revolutionary? What if it’s something else altogether? Best way to distract people from the truth, let them search in the wrong direction.


  5. anon:
    Well thats fine, but they have hinted the controller as being the be-all and end-all of gaming, now if they release a controller and its not that, and do not announce anything else (even if they have something else up their sleeve) it would be brutal publicity.. people would just cease caring.

    As for Sony copying them.. I’m 100% sure that Sony and M$ know what the controller is by now.. If developers know then they’ll know. It’s not like neither of the companies don’t have the money and resources to find out.

    Will keep my eyes peeled for tomorrow, hopefully it’s good.


  6. ^^^it says…^^^

    by the way
    nintendo loves
    moz la punk

    the hand says game on

  7. “I love the Revolution Controller. It’s so bad.”
    -Jackey Vinson



  9. Ermm.. they were originally going to call the GameCube ‘Nintendo Dolphin’ ?! How, in anyway, did they come up with that name? And how does that screenshot have anythign to do with possible revolution news tomorrow?

    WILL SOMEONE fill me IN! Haha, sorry.

  10. The Gamecube’s codename during development was Project Dolphin. The ATI graphics chip inside it is called the Flipper chip. Dolphin was just a codename, and there were never any plans to call the machine the Nintendo Dolphin..

  11. No News yet 🙁
    Did anyone hear anything ?

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