Revolution Less than $299

Nintendo President Iwata has revealed today that the Revolution will cost less than $299. From the article: “The Revolution will cost less than the Xbox 360. That’s Satoru Iwata’s latest droplet of Revolution-based information, and it’ll no doubt help fuel rumors of low-priced launches, although some launch speculation can now be safely laid to rest.”

We were hoping for a more GameCube $199 price tag, but that still could be a possibility.

[Source: Joystiq]


  1. I see a $200 to a $250 price tag with all the new technology (Revmote) I can’t see it selling for the silly rumored price of $99 or even $150. This is a next Gen system. Yes it doesn’t have HD but it will bring other elements to the table…

  2. He only said below 299 because that is the 360 price right now(And I’m sure he said the price in Yen) to say any lower would be showing too much of Nintendo hand, and you know how Nintendo likes it.

    100? Yeah they could do it, but I think that honor will go to the DS V1 while DS V2 will get the 149 price tag and the Revolution gets the 199 price tag.

    And please, HD has nothing to do with pricing…

  3. A system that comes with a motion sensitive controller will probably cost at the least $199. I’m guessing $249, but more early adopters will jump on board at $199. Still curious to see how much that second “Revmote” will cost. Not to mention how they plan to do the Virtual Console pricing. I’d go for either $1 or $2 per classic title, or possibly a monthly fee (a la Gametap). Then again, they could do franchise packages .. The Mario Collection for $40 would net you every version of his adventures. Guess we’ll find out in 130 days!

  4. En tout cas j’espère que ça sera le cas pour les 199$ !

  5. Silly ways people embarrass themselves (not yo infendo, other sites and comments people make)

    “I thought it was going to be cheap, but now its going to be less than 299.99”

    Just imagine the whole… 1.99 – 298.99 section that is available. Nintendo said nothing new, in fact it seems they are making fun of Yahoo japan simply because they said before they would be the most affordable. Now it turns out that they have a price where they can guarantee you that they will be more affordable when it comes it.

  6. It’ll be something reasonable for the technology it is sporting and the market it is appealing to, probably than the GameCube to keep in line with inflation and other strange technical stuff. As long as the UK gets a fair price that’s all that matters. :p

  7. Didn’t the SNES, N64, and GCN all release at around $200? I don’t see the Revolution being too much different from that. But at least we know for sure that Nintendo isn’t jacking up the price beyond what is reasonable. 😛

  8. >> And please, HD has nothing to do with pricing… <<
    You are wrong, HD has EVERYTHING to do with pricing… if they were going to support HD, they would need a powerful graphics processor, and that means more money spend on R&D and manufacture. In fact, I guess that 1/5 of the final price represent the graphics system (GPU + mem). This for PS3 and X360.

  9. Well, I hope they can get the price down to AT LEAST $199 at launch. I am a happy 360 owner but I want to buy the Rev also (at the right price). I will probably wait a year until it is $149 (more good games will be out then anyway).

    Keep the cost down Nintendo if you want to be an “AND” system instead of an “OR” system.

    What are your thoughts?

  10. I knew it would be $249.99.

  11. Biggiesized said…
    “I knew it would be $249.99.”

    And you knew/know this how? They haven’t released a price yet, and probably won’t until 2 months before launch (like the 360).

  12. If not for the HD capabilities the 360 would not be so huge, in turn the Rev would not be so small. In just a comparison you could sell the 360 by the pound compaired to not having HD.

  13. Hate these sort of comments from companies these days…

    It’s like saying “Revolution will be released on planet Earth”. It means nothing. Of course it would be less than the 360, it’s going to feature hardware that is far cheaper (GPU, Processors etc) with only the controller being the unknown factor in costs.

    The controller will still be fairly reasonable, remember it has to be affordable for people to purchase 3 more of them. I’m thinking within the Wavebirds price range.

  14. @Anon

    I’d love to see the controller at wavebird level pricing, but seeing as regular X360 controllers go for 40-50 bucks depending on whether it’s wired or not, I don’t see 40 dollar Revmotes as out of the question at all.

    ~Carmine M. Red

  15. $39.99

    Thats my final guess.

  16. Let’s see what we’re paying for…

    Console (contains CPU, GPU, SPU, 1T-SRAM, 512MB Flash Memory)
    Cables (Composite)

    A $200 price tag would suffice, $250 seems realistic if what Mr. Inc says is true.

    I dunno, I think the tentative price tag does say the system competes in terms of hardware. That and Mr. Inc.

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