Nintendo DoeS it Again

What an awesome bit of news to wake up to. Nintendo has pulled the wool over our eyes once again and have announced what they just recently claimed wasn’t coming for at least a few months: the redesigned DS. In an email to the press today, Nintendo has revealed to the world the Nintendo DS Lite. From the release: “Nintendo President Satoru Iwata today announced Nintendo DS Lite, a slimmer version of the best-selling Nintendo DSâ„¢. Also featuring brighter screens, Nintendo DS Lite will launch in Japan in March. Nintendo DS Lite will be less than two-thirds the size of the original Nintendo DS and more than 20 percent lighter.”

Japanese release date: March 2, 2006 (for 16.800 Yen, about $145 US)

Weight: 218g (compare to 275g for the current Nintendo DS)

Dimensions: 133mm x 73.9mm x 21.5mm

More details at their (Japanese) site.

Two more images of the Revolution-esque DS Lite open and shut here. Release information for other territories has not yet been disclosed, but something tells me Japan’s gonna have another shortage come March 2nd.

[Source: Joystiq Thanks to all that sent this in!]