Boing Boing likes Chibi-Robo

First impressions of the unique Japanese game are coming in. From the article: “Nintendo is pushing the boundaries with wonderful non-game-like games… Both the music, which is lighthearted, and the set design, which is seen from the ground-level perspective of Chibi-Robo, add greatly to the charm of this non-competitive title.”

Any readers out there had a go with this one?

[Source: BoingBoing]


  1. Seeing as how it’s just now getting to a majority of stores today (the 7th), I doubt a whole lot of people have. I’ll be getting it within the week though. :]

  2. Well, I won’t be getting it just yet .. Valentine’s Day is still a week away!

  3. First game in a long time for the GC I’ve actually wanted to take a spin with…

  4. Well, I doubt anyone will read this comment, but I finally got Chibi-Robo this weekend. It’s fun and the sound design for the game is absolutely incredible. Now I just have to wait for my wife’s turn to end and I can play it some more.

    I have a GCN mic, but the only things I could do with it were get Chibi’s attention (he looked at me when I spoke) and then fall over when I talked really loud. I heard that the game was originally designed to use the mic for a lot more control, so maybe this is just an easter egg left over from those days.

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