Revolution Dream Game Contest

Update: Sorry, I just read that the contest ends February 15th. I guess it’s pretty old, but I would still love to hear about your dream game.

Revolution Report and tech site Philoneist have teamed up to host the Revolution Dream Game Concept Contest. Get over there and submit your dream Revolution game idea for a chance to win a $50 Amazon giftcard.

Hmmm… I have two good ideas that you can feel free to steal. The first is a fencing game, and the second is a home improvement game. Feel free to share your game ideas in the comments.


  1. I have a game idea, Dildo Madness.

  2. ^^^ dude, comeon

    anyway, AIR HOCKEY

  3. Well if we can make babies on the DS I guess we can f*** ourselves on the Revelution. LOL But seriously, as much as a respect the “child friendly” rep people seem to apply to the Cube it would be kinda refreshing to see some “spice” thrown in on the Revelution.

    I’m not one to “create” a dream game when it comes to Nintendo products as they always out-do what I thought was possible anyhow (despite being a creative person).

    The DS is awesome despite what people (and by people I mean close minded morons) grumbled about it being stupid to have a touch screen. I’ll tell ya what’s stupid… 2 minute load times on a handheld (I think all the graphics whores know what I’m refering to). I anticipate the Revloution w/ it’s out of the ordinary controler will be the same story.

    Working in the retail end of the industry I truely enjoy seeing all the morons who make fun of Nintendo….how close minded not to mention that I’m quite certain if I were making that much money off of creative, innovative ideas I wouldn’t care if some idiots laughed as I rolled up to the bank in my luxury car. = )

  4. Ender’s Game: Welcome to Battle School

  5. Another Idea, Beat Your Kids.

  6. When William Shakespeare was writing plays and doing his own thing, he was often seared by theatre critics with each release. Eventually, he decided to respond to their criticisms with a play called “As You Like It.” With this script, he took the most common criticisms of his works and purposefully over-compensated for them in this play.. just to be a smart-ass. 😮

    In this vein, I submit my game idea: “TEH UBER-MATURE GAME.”

    It’s a sandbox-style game. At the beginning, you get to choose your character. You can be an urban thug, a WWII soldier, or a quasi-futuristic Marine. No matter whom you choose, your character starts-off in the same place, watching TV at home. A news report interrupts the Girls-Gone-Wild-inspired t!tt!e-fest on television to reveal that Time-Travelling Alien Zombie Boob Nazis (The TAZBN’s, pronounced to rhyme with “has-beens”) are invading the earth.

    The TAZBNs are interesting creatures, with interesting army drones. The drones resemble large human breasts that just hover above the ground, breasts that pop with copious amounts of blood when you pump enough hot ammunition into them. And when you finish one off, you get to hear the soft, low moan of a hooker in the background music. It’s strangely hot, very gory, and very bloody.

    Like certain other urban life sims and war games, your character can find numerous vehicles and weapons. There’s the Grenade, the Small Gun, the Medium Gun, the Big Gun, and TEH UBER GUN (the developers must be lazy enough to just call the weapons what they are, rather than spending months trying to come-up with a brand-new name for the “grenade”). You can imagine the names for the vehicles..

    And no matter which character you choose, there are certain levels that you MUST master to win.

    There’s the Run-And-Gun Corridor, where you must run and run and run and run down a long long long hallway at an evil government alien research facility with the same blood-filled boobiefied enemies. Run down the hall, shoot the Gun, duck into an alcove, run some more. And don’t forget to pick-up that conveniently-placed health kit – who knew that Snickers bars could cure flesh wounds?! 😀

    Then there’s the Big Field of Boom. In this one, you must jump over lots and lots of boxes and crates while attacking the Alien BoobClone Army while attempting to capture the Alien Pennant. By capturing the Pennant, you effectively lower the alien army’s morale, while increases the effects your attacks. (Without spoiling the story too much, the Pennant has other powers as well..) In this level, there is no background music – only looped recordings of various 12-year-olds spitting-out non-stop racial, religious, and sexual epithets at you while you’re playing.

    You get the idea.. don’t you? Guns, boobs, blood.. it’s all there. It’s the ultimate pinnacle of gaming maturity.

    Think it’d sell? I think it would, at least here in America. 😛

    – HT

  7. HT,

    So frickin’ hilarious.

    And sadly,

    So frickin’ true.

    Mature. Pshaw.

  8. OMG HT you are my idol! That was awesome =-P

  9. It’s actually been said before but my dream game would be a Revolution version of Trauma Center.

    The anime style that it has works great for the DS version but I’d love to see a bit more realism for the console.

    I’d also love to see DS Wi-Fi compatibility where the DS would be used, for example, as your chart, EKG monitor, scope camera, pager, etc. and the TV to display the actual patient being operated on.

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