Revolution Docking Station?

IGNIQ is claiming to have received an anonymous email hinting at who knows what. The post, while vague, has some interesting insights, such as what the docking station is used for, and how the Rev’s small size could have some functionality. I must say, all this speculation is insane. Nintendo better bring the heat later this year if they want to live up to all this hype and talk.

“We can’t think outside of the box anymore…Throw us a bone.”

[Source: IGNIQ]


  1. Arrrg…I think my brain is outside the box by now….
    As interesting as this docking station sounds….he says it himself…it’s not gonna happen….

  2. It’s going to be a whole nother ILoveBees and OurColony thing, cept with Nintendo… YAY!

  3. Nintendo’s fans could turn out to be it’s own worst enemy… they’re ballooning up the Revolution as something so grand that Nintendo couldn’t possibly deliver.

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