Revolution Boot-Up Screen? Part two?

Kotaku Posted a video of what appears to be a revolution boot-up screen. While the enty states that the video could be real or fake, I think the cheesy background bubbles, weird background music, and the fact that the video is in wide-screen don’t really make a case for the video’s authenticity. I could debate this on my own for another two paragraphs but hey- we have a comments section, let’s use it!

[Source: Kotaku]


  1. hasn’t this already been posted?

  2. First off the bat, this is extremely fake. It has been taken as to being a very sleek boot-up screen, although it does take around 10 seconds into the video just to get to the menu. If I want to believe fan made boot up screen, get it made by the right person to do so: The guy who made the Nintendo ON. They boot up screen should be the Super Mario 64 Castle rendition conc;uding up to a Nintendo logo as in Nintendo ON.

  3. Fake.

    How do I know?

    I’ve never heard a single NOA Rep (and I work in the industry) call the Revolution the RS system, nor has Nintendo even said that the Revolution is the final name.

    RS is a name that Fanboys/girls, gave the system. Revolution System.

    Until Nintendo confirms this, I won’t believe this is the start up screen.

  4. I’m tired of all these mockups calling Rev the RS. It’s so clearly a fan-made name and such a bad one at that. Just give up.

  5. This video is totally real! I remember Serious Gamer 007 talking about how the Nintendo Revolution would be called the RS! At least, his prophecies have come true! To all you nay-sayers! HA! …or not…

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