Nintendo Beats Profit Target by 27%

Nintendo beat expectations for the fiscal year ending last month. Reuters writes: “Japan’s Nintendo Co. said on Tuesday it likely beat its group net profit estimate for the business year ended last month by 27 percent, helped by robust sales of a portable game machine [DS] and foreign exchange gains.”

I guess business is good. If you’ve got great content (i.e. great games on the DS) the business model will take care of itself.


  1. 27%???
    That’s HUGE, by any industry standards!! Especially in a year when retail numbers in general haven’t fared so well…
    Is Nintendo overestimating?

  2. Here is the English translation for anyone that would like more info. “Infendo”

  3. you mean underestimating…?

  4. So that means Nintendo isn’t bankrupt and dropping out of the hardware business like a lot of industry experts and sony & microsoft fanboys said???

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