The Halo DS title that was then wasn’t

My ol’ friend over at IGN Matt Casamassina informs us that Halo DS was a real live boy title once upon a time before the powers that be — those being corporate suits with no grasp of fun — quashed the title for all the obvious Microsoft and Nintendo are fierce competitors reasons.

But they didn’t squash it before Matty got his hands on a working build.

“Amazingly, the ill-fated DS version of the title plays remarkably well. Think Metroid Prime Hunters but with a Halo facelift. I had the opportunity to run through the beginning beach area and noted while playing that it looked like Xbox Halo except on DS, it was running fast, and the control was responsive. The trademark Halo music even played out of the tiny speakers of Nintendo’s handheld.”

Halo on the DS. My rampant cynicism has awarded me a nice spot down here in Hell, but I have to say it’s still quite toasty down here. I think we can safely chalk this title up on the same board that has Serenity 2 on it.

UPDATE: My Spidey sense is tingling: Is this another volley from the grossly un-funny spoof archives of Matt Casamassina?