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When the opportunity came up for me to review Lego Friends, for the Nintendo 3DS, I jumped at the chance.  What I didn’t do was research the game beforehand and realize that the game was tailored to young girls around the age of 7 or 8.  Instinctively, I saw the word Lego and imagined Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Batman.  Imagine my surprise when the game arrived and the item pictured above was enclosed inside the bright pink box, hidden underneath iridescent tinsel.  However, I am a gamer, and gaming is what I do.  So, I manned up and removed my copy of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance from my Blue XL 3DS and inserted this little gem.

I lowered the sound, as I sat on the couch while my oldest daughter (she is 16) sat on the adjacent love seat doing homework on her laptop.  After about ten minutes of playing, she finally looked up and said, “What the frick are you playing?”  Shyly, I answered her.  Her response was yelled from the living room to the kitchen, “Moooooom, Dad is playing dress up games on his 3DS!”  Now, I admit, there was a certain level of dress up involved in the game.  There are also pets and challenges, and much much more.  Despite my best efforts to rush through and finish enough to complete an adequate review, I found myself actually enjoying the game.  Sure, I envisioned my young female character as a younger Samus before she grew into a life of alien annihilating awesomeness, but I still had fun.  In fact, this is the kind of game I would play with my daughters when they were much younger (I had to change up genres after my oldest cried for hours when she was a baby after seeing Seifer kick the dog in FFVIII), so there was a bit of nostalgia there.

Although I do not believe I would quite recommend this game for  some of our more hardcore readers, those that have young daughters might find this game to be well worth the purchase.  There is a lot packed into this game, such as character customization, puzzles, life lessons, fun games, etc.  So, if you are looking for a great holiday gift for that young girl on your list, this would be the perfect game for them!

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  1. What the hell is this, the title says LEGO, but the artwork is of nothing LEGO. What is this sorcery and why do I laugh so hard at the thought of Mr. 30K word novel writer who has stuff in an anthology called “Ugly Babies” playing a game for little girls?

    This stuff writes itself, man.

  2. I am laughing so hard at your comment right now. When you put it that way, there is something truly wrong about it. However, it might make a good short horror story 🙂

  3. XD Oh man that’d be great.

    But seriously. Was there ANY LEGO stuff in the game? Or was it all like the box? Cause that’s like…so wrong.

  4. Each of the characters in the game did have the classic lego hands, and their waist was the classic lego joint, but overall they had a more realistic appearance than the lego characters that we are used to. The first “mission” is to find the scattered lego pieces in the yard and bring them to a predetermined spot. Once they were all collected, you had to press “A” to assemble them and make a doghouse. At that point, you received a puppy. I will say, I had more fun than I should have by seeing how many things I could jump on with the dog. When I got on top of the storage shed, I felt pretty triumphant.

  5. The dog sounds fun, but the people…that sounds like a dirty ripoff.

  6. They are called mini-dolls, part of the new Lego line for Friends and Disney Princess. Still Lego, just more like a doll that most girls play with