Review: Beyond Good & Evil (GC)

Okay, I finished this game a few weeks ago, and in lieu of your past suggestions, realized I needed to post a review. So here goes, Infendo style.

Beyond Good & Evil is such a good game. It was a “dark horse” released in December of 2003, so it got lost in all the hustle and bustle of Christmas. The story is straight forward. Secret aliens take over your home dubbed Hillys, and it’s up to you and your compadres to uncover the secret and start a rebellion. But it’s the presentation and unique gaming angle that really make this title shine.

You play Jade, an amateur reporter/photographer that is pretty good with a bo staff. The gameplay is a mix of traditional item and exploration with a very unique and fun stealth photographer mode. It makes for a very workable game and something that you’ve probably never played before. This alone makes it rather exciting to play the first time through.

Visuals are very colorful and the voice acting is top notch, not to mention the soundtrack. Sure the characters are a little on the cute side, but you easily get past this once the story takes off.

I give this title an 8.9/10. If you like Wind Waker, play this game. Some hard core sites scored it lower because they said it’s too short which doesn’t make sense. (Old Man and the Sea is dang short but still a really good book.)

Although I couldn’t find it in me to score it in the 90th percentile, BG&E is a really good video game. I guess it’s just right underneath classic status, but easily one of the best games I’ve played this year after RE4 and Minish Cap. You’re sure to enjoy it so go dig up a copy until Twilight Princess is released.