Revealing the Revolution: A 2-step approach

Just what will Nintendo President Satoru Iwata reveal at this year’s GCS? And what will he hold back for E3? My bet is the man will dish out details regarding downloadable games at GCD with an unveiling of the Revolution Release date and official name at this year’s E3. What do you think?

[Source: Joystiq]

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  1. My money’s on them revealing the voice control features at GDC* and save the name, release date, and Virtual Console for E3.

    Not much speculation out there about it, but based on Chibi-Robo, Odama, and all the other Gamecube/DS stuff using a mic (not to mention that patent info we saw last week), it’s practically a sure thing that the Revolution will include some sort of voice control.

    *GCS? GCD?

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