Third Party WiFi Support?

Nintendo hit a new milestone with the release of Mario Kart DS. Mario Kart DS blazed the company and the DS into the online realm, but where’s the 3rd party support? Besides Tony Hawk’s American Sk8land, ther is no confirmed third party titles supporting Nintendo’s WiFi.

What third party titles would you like to see on Nintendo’s WiFi service?

[Source: Kikizo Games]


  1. Do I need to pull out the list again? I guess so:

    Bleach DS! Souten ni Kakeru Unmei (Sega/Treasure Video Games)
    03 Bokujou Monotargari: Korbockle Station for Girls (Marvelous Interactive)
    04 Bomberman Story (Hudson Soft)
    05 Castlevania (Konami)
    06 Contact (Marvelous Interactive/Grasshopper Manufacture)
    07 Digimon World (Bandai Games)
    08 DSpeak (Nintendo)
    09 DS Tales (Namco/Namco Tales Studio)
    10 Dynasty Warriors DS (KOEI)
    11 Europa Universalis II (Pocket PC Studios)
    12 Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles DS (Square Enix)
    13 Jikkyo Powerful Pro Kun Pocket 8 (Konami)
    14 Lost Magic (Taito/Gakaruta Studio)
    15 Mario Basket: 3-vs-3 (Nintendo/Square Enix)
    16 Mario Kart DS (Nintendo)
    17 Metroid Prime: Hunters (Nintendo/Nintendo Software Technology)
    18 Mobile Suit Gundam (Bandai Games)
    19 Momotaru Denetsu World (Hudson Soft)
    20 Professional Wrestling (Spike)
    21 Rune Factory (Marvelous Interactive)
    22 Super Monkey Ball DS (SEGA)
    23 Tony Hawk’s American Sk8land (Activision/Vicarious Visions)
    24 Top Spin 2 (2K Games/PAM Development)
    25 Tenchu DS (From Software/K2 Studio)
    26 Ultimate Brain Games DS (Telegames/Cosmigo)
    27 Ultimate Card Games DS (Telegames/Cosmigo)
    28 World Soccer Winning Eleven DS (Konami)
    29 new Kojima Studios Productions project (Konami)
    30 new RTS (Marvelous Interactive)

    It’s all Japanese, but I can safely say we will see many of those titles in 2006.

    I also expect to see EA games online next year.

  2. how about need for speed, co-op on resident evil, or madden?

  3. Megaman Battle Network would be sweet. Instead of playing as Netokun & Rockman, you get to make your own Navi and play as yourself instead of Netokun and interact with the Battle Netowork universe and characters that already exist. It could be an MMORPG –

    Players can choose to be part of the W3, be virus hunters, civilians or other non-W3 terrorist networks. It would be very very cool.

    Perhaps this way people could uncover information that could somehow shedlight onto how the 4 main Megaman Universes are connected (Chronologically, they are apparently like this (1) Battle Network (2) Regular Megaman series (3) X series (4) Megaman zERO (100 Years post X series)

    Anyway, it would be interesting…

  4. I’d love to see a Wifi-enabled version of Meteos.

  5. Zelda: 4 Swords and Super Smash Brothers would be loads of fun online… too bad they haven’t even been announced as DS games.


    i swear to sweet zombie jesus i would be content if there was an online version of this game with rankings and all… how do i go about starting a petition to capcom to make this happen? jesus!!!

    …also… c’mon… why can’t they just port goldeneye to the ds with internet multiplayer and call it a day… they’d quadruple sales and reduce the psp to laughable status…

    …and some realtime/turnbased strategy online…

    …i really think we’re going to see some games utilizing the feature around the middle of next year… that’ll be hot…

  7. puzzle fighter is lord

  8. id like to see pokemon on the wifi.

    i remember playin blue and red on an emulator for hrs just to build pokemon to fight my bro.

    being able to get in a battle at anytime anyday is just too good

  9. also perfect dark

  10. I really hope Guilty Gear: Dust Strikers is Nintendo WiFi enabled. That would be a blast. I really hope Zelda isn’t. I think we’re safe because either Iwata or Miyamoto said that it wasn’t going to be a four swords game. Thank God.

    But you know what Nintendo Wifi needs? River City Ransom. It would be incredible. You and your friends could form a gang and fight rival gangs from all over the world. You coul use the touch screen to design jackets and logos. Look at how well Castlevania turned out, it’s gorgeous. River City Ransom could be superb on the DS.

  11. I would love to see Pokemon as wirless! It would make collecting them all a lot easier. But that might mean a LOT more Pokemon.

    Obviously any good sports games would be a good idea.

    FF Crystal Chronicles and a Zelda game would be super. How about Advance Wars wifi?

  12. River City Ransom Wifi is the best idea i’ve heard in a while. I’ve been thinking about a territorial game like that where you fight for turf against other groups. I got the idea from that Gizmondo game, Colors.

    River City might drop a deuce all over Colors, though.

  13. Dr. Mario Vs. 3 online bitches.

  14. One game and one game only: Phatasy Star Online DS.

  15. Guantlet from midway

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