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The “Biggest Competitor Poll” results are a little preemptive ’cause we’re trying to get on a Saturday result schedule for our Radio Show. Most (88%) believe that Sony will be the biggest threat for an increase in home console market share as compared with 12% that voted for Microsoft. Thanks for all that voted and let your voice be heard on our new Game Boy poll.

How will Game Boy “3” fit in?
Will be portable GameCube
Will interface with Rev/DS
Focus on classics w/ 4 buttons
Will be reinvented like Rev/DS

(Mac users, let us know if this works in Safari)


  1. Yeah, it works in this topic, the side poll is still mucked up tho, with the words over the dots. I’d blame Apple over the site(or pollhost). It used to work BEFORE the Safari update two updates ago…So don’t sweat it too much.

  2. I would like to vote for the next gamboy being a totaly wi-fi system, no carts just downloades from the internet or a nintendo kiosk

  3. Clu,
    Yeah the only downloads thing comes in really handy when you drop your gameboy and it breaks or when 6 months later a redesigned gameboy 3 comes out and you have to rebuy your games so that you can play them on your new system.

    Why does everyone want to move away from physical media? Do you people really hate being able to trade and sell the games that they purchased? I see absolutely no advantage to a strictly download only system. I don’t mind if downloads are offered in addition, but I refuse to spend over $10 for any game without getting a physical copy which I have the rights to resell or transfer.

  4. @Anonymous:

    Who has ever heard of a Gameboy breaking from being dropped? In fact who’s ever heard of a Gameboy breaking at all? Unless you’re in the habit of leaving your portable in the driveway and own an SUV, I wouldn’t worry about that.

    That said… I agree with you about physical media. I don’t really want a total switch over to downloads either. It would, however, make sense for Nintendo given that they are always concerned about profitability and the reselling of used games cuts into their bottom line.

  5. It works on my mac in safari without flaws

  6. My idea for the next Gameboy:

    1. Continuation of the touch screen with some additional interface option such as gyroscopic sensing a la Wario Ware Twisted.

    2. Built in rumble.

    3. Carts similar, if not identical, to those for the DS. Why? DS backwards compatability and no moving parts. Playing ‘Cube disks would be cool but I can’t imagine moving parts being included in a Nintendo portable.

    4. Dual screen format. Again, for backwards compatiblity.

    5. A focus on making the system sleek, stylish, lightweight, and compact from the beginning.

    6. Gamecube quality graphics. This, of course, will be dismissed by mainstream media as underpowered and bashed on by PS fanboys as yesterday’s technology.

    7. Left and right analog sticks that actually work in a portable.

    8. Retro games that can be downloaded to SD cards via wi-fi interface with the Revolution.

    9. Focus on games- no support for music, movies, etc. Something else for which it will be critisized.

    10. Wi-fi internet browser available at launch. If the DS gets this, as was talked about, it’s inclusion in the next GB will be a given. Assuming the DS’s browser is at all successful, that is.

    11. Very limited PDA functionality such as a planner, calendar, calculator, etc., which will be aimed at increasing it’s popularity with older, working adults. I believe a program for the DS that does some of this is imminent. The touch screen/stylus combo just lends itself so well to it…

  7. How will the GB3 fit in?

    Answer –

    It wont!


  8. notoriousB.E.N.: What you described is not a new GambeBoy, but a new DS!

    Honestly, the GameBoy micro is the perfect GameBoy… the only thing that I can think of being a real advantage worthy of a new release would be a bluetooth-like connectivity with other GameBoys with backwards compatibility, to make the use of connecting cables obsolete. Other than that, I’m not interested in making the new GameBoy just a “better DS”. You can put those features in the next version of the DS!

  9. There wont be another GB. There is no reason for nintendo to compete with itself.


  10. 14 analog sticks, 20 buttons, a smell-hole for whenever Yoshia craps out an egg in another Mario World game, three sreens (four of the mtouch compatible, lol), the ability to do your homework (poorly, until the pretty version of the system is released), and the ability to time travel (with the aid of Friend Codes of course).

    Seriously, the DS isn’t getting replaced for a long time. It’s gonna be the system that inrefaces with the Revolution for it’s lifespan, like the Advance (sort of) did with the gamecube. The graphics are great as is, iot’s got very strong 3rd party support, it’s selling kajillions of units, and they’re supposed to be something like 40+ wifi games coming out this year alone.

    Makes you wonder what general idiot would think Nintendo actually enjoys the pain from shooting themselves in the foot by releasing another portable console during this one’s present heyday.

  11. lol, my typing is usually MUCH worse, I promise.

  12. I agree: why do you need a new GameBoy for? It’s the best-selling Nintendo machine so far, better games for it keep churning out, and the more advanced games can come out on the DS!

    I don’t think I will finish playing this year only the better games that have come out so far on these systems!

    I don’t even think I’ll have time to play the Revolution this year!

  13. What i think Nintendo’s gonna do with the GB is keep it aimed at kids. DS has reached an older demo that the GBA has a hard time touching (didn’t mean the pun). DS can reach kids, too, but the GBA does a better job with that. GB should stick to ages 3+ with simple, 2D traditional/fresh games while the DS takes care of the rest. When the GBA club gets into their teens, they’ll naturally switch to DS. Therefore, the Game Boy needs no serious tweaking. Just a focus on youth.

    ‘Sides, with a name so massively reknowned and kid-centric like “Game Boy”, focusing on kids is about the only thing they can do, without a name change.

  14. Kids dont want ‘kiddy games’ anymore. they want big boi games. Thats why there simply wont be any room left for the GB name in the near future. The DS has taken over the market and set a standard that the GB should not surpass. The GB would be competing the same market as the DS and its not necessary. I dont think Nintendo realized what they had in their hands when they created the DS, and now theres no turning back. DS will continue FTW (for the win) and there is no reason for a next GB – it would be a major misteak(mistake? i am just hungry). Anyway my point being – my 7 year old cousin has a DS, I have one aswell. This is because the DS appeals to kids aswell as an older demographic. The GB will be no more.

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