Zelda: Twilight Princess Confirmed For Fall

Nintendo VP, Reggie Fils-Aime just confirmed on Spike TV that Zelda: Twighlight Princess has been delayed until fall of this year. “Boo!” about sums up this news.


  1. Also worth noting is the fact that he confirmed, for the 500 billionth time, that the game will be released for GAMECUBE and NOT for Rev. Not that anyone listened the past 499 billion times, nor will they listen now.

  2. That one I can’t believe, even coming from Regie!

    How can they release such a high-profile game for their current gen console at about the same time they release the next-gen console??

    I guess Nintendo thinks that, since the Revolution is completely backwards-compatible with the GameCube, this won’t hurt sales of the new console… that’s a BIG gamble!

  3. This can be very bad news. We’ve already seen how “disruptive” nintendo has been with the success of the DS and the popularity of Nintendo Wifi.

    This is all hypothetical, but Sony, realizing that it will be drastically undersold by a system that has generated a great deal of buzz, has put off on releasing the ps3 in the spring as expected. Without Nintendo in the picture, they would have happily entered a subsidizing war with Microsoft and emerged victorious as far as market share is concerned. However, if Nintendo manages to ride high on its current crest of popularity and cultural relevance, Sony will be left plunging a tremendous amount of money into a ludicrously expensive system that may lose crucial market share (necessary for driving down cost) and the support of developers who would rather make games for the more profitable Revolution. Of course, Sony will always have their main partners to rely upon, but developers periphery to Sony’s circle of friends may jump ship and help turn the tide against Sony.

    I believe that Nintendo, realizing that Sony will not be releasing the ps3 anytime soon, have decided to hold off on releasing the Twilight Princes–a game undoubtedly capable of destroying any ps3 launch hype–until a later date, but not so late that the fans will outright reject the game. Afterall, Nintendo still has Microsoft to worry about and, right now, time is on Microsoft’s side as they are currently guaranteed at least another 6-7 months free of competitoin from any other next gen consoles. That means that the 360 will have been out for nearly a full year before any competing systems are launched (a luxury previously enjoyed by the Dreamcast).

    Sony’s indefinite hold on the ps3 will lead to further delays of twilight princess as Nintendo uses the time to polish the game, but it’s very unlikely that Nintendo will release both the Zelda game and The Revolution within weeks of each other. The sales of the Twilight Princess would cannibalize sales of the Revolution. Furthermore, it’s hard to bundle the new Zelda title with the Revolution because, as a Gamecube title, it will do little to show off the Revolution’s capabilities and establish the Revolution as being seperate from the Gamecube . This means that a delay in the release of The Twilight Princess will undoubtedly mean a delay in the release of the Revolution. An October release of The Twilight Princess could keep us from seeing the Revolution (here in the States) until next Spring.

  4. i don’t own a gamecube and plan to buy a revolution/twilight princess/and the launch mario title when the revolution comes out… no matter what i wont be buying the game until the rev comes out… i don’t like gamecube… so it doesn’t matter to me when they release TP… matter of fact it does matter to the market though… launching TP around the same time as the rev will drive sales up… people looking to play TP will buy the revolution and people looking to play the rev will buy into TP’s hype… they’ll do well to scratch each others backs… i also plan to pick up the scattered jewels that were released on gamecube as well and rebuy all my old nintendo favorites… ah… video game bliss…

  5. I also don’t own a GC (anymore) and I also plan on purchasing Zelda: TP and Rev on launch.

    Is there a specific release date for TP?




  7. Brain hurts .. can’t comprehend .. 2 1/2 months till E3 .. can’t think about it till then ..

  8. I am not surprized, but I am upset. LoZ:TP better have some interaction with the Revolution

  9. Just keep in mind that everyday the game is not in production (making CD’s and cases) the game is improving, fixing glitches, adding new code and overall becomeong a better game.

    Also keep in mind they are also working on the Wind Waker with the same engine for all us people who reserved the game.

    If I had to wait another year to have a perfect Zelda game…and a remake of Wind Wakeer…I would wait. Just be glad its WTF 2006, not WTF 2006-2008.

    Thank You

  10. Remake of Wind Waker? Who told you that? Maybe ur thinking of when they sed TP was using the WW engine, which it is.

    I don’t think this has any implications on Revolution’s release. I also doubt that TP is still getting tweaked as a Cube game. Here’s my theory: Fall? Could be true. But Revolution does NOT have to come out before TP. My guess/hope is that they’ll release Rev in Aug or Sept and then use TP as the last gen’s hurrah since most ppl will still have this-gen machines. It’ll also be the bridge between Cube and next gen cause it’ll probably have Rev functionality of some sort. This is only if Reggie wasn’t lying about the Fall release, however.

    Man, i really don’t care. I just want a Lite.

  11. sorry i dont have time for a hard core sorce but here is this link

    When I preordered at gamestop the owner fo the store told me they are revamping Wind Waker adn adding 3 new dungeons. It would have the same graphical style (textures and partical effects) of TP.

    This would be much like geting the 4 zeldas in one cd with preordering Wind Waker.

    I hear it around. Ill find a better source soon.

  12. Ah, i see. Here’s the end of that paragraph: “Source: Pg. 56 of EGM #190 – April 2005.”

    This was EGM’s April Fool’s prank. They admitted to it in the following issue. 🙁

    Sorry Friz.


    I guess i can kill myself now…OH WAIT

    TP is still coming out and I still have the original wind waker..

    ok im better now.

    Thanks for clearing that up

    Zelda Universe

  14. If Nintendo releases the Revolution and then releases Twilight Princess for the GameCube afterwards, it would be like Microsoft releasing the 360 and then putting out Halo 3 for the Xbox a few months later .. makes very little sense.

    Now, if they release a golden Revolution in a bundle with Zelda …..

  15. TP will be gamecubes swan song. I think TP will come out a month or so before Rev. Also, Nintendo has not denied that ZeldaTP will have rev features, only that they havent sed anything about it.

    So if you cant get the Rev you will still be able to play zelda TP, but if you do get the Rev you will have added features. Either way it will sell the same amount of TP and maybe sudgestive sell more Rev’s.

    Either way Nintendo will have a very good fall…and so will I.

  16. map hunting blows

  17. According to these dismal debates, it appears that neither the Revolution or Twilight Princess will hang out in my living room until fall.

    And you know what that means.


    It’s gonna be another Super Nintendo Summer, baby.

  18. i like the way you think.

  19. Nintendo is going to get a TON of attention from retailers this Autumn. It’ll be nice for a change. 😛

    This has sealed one deal for me: when I’m caught-up on GameCube games I’ve missed, I’ll be playing a lot more DS games until TP comes..

  20. I want to see some hard evidence for this, I’ve heard from a few people who saw the show in question, “Game Heads”, on Spike TV, and they mentioned that he confirmed it’s coming out on Gamecube, but no mention of a delay. If you think of it, why would they choose a show that not many people watch to break big news like that and not Ign or a press conference?

  21. Agreed .. I have yet to see a link to video of this nor can I find it on YouTube or Google Video. Anyone actually see this for themselves?

  22. This has passed the point of anger, now it just hurts 🙁

  23. The new zelda game will be released for both Revolution and Gamecube. It will be released for Revolution on 11.19.06 it will then be released for gamecube on 12.12.06.

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