Rev Box Art

NintendoGal points to a LiveJournal with some fan-made Revolution boxes. While not the greatest photoshops in the world, they do look cool. That blue line is something i’ve always thought Nintendo would use in their marketing. Here’s hoping they do.

Follow the link for more pics.

[Update: Fixed the source. Thanks NintendoGal!]


  1. Fun stuff. I like the various styles .. some very Apple .. some very Nintendo .. all pretty nice.

  2. yeah..but even the Apple boxes are smaller:

    so slim it up photoshoppers 😉

  3. Oh and all the boxes are based on the 2005 Mac Mini box:

  4. Wow, that MacBook box is 1/3 the thickness of the one for my PowerBook.

    Package design is an art. Apple is great about it, but I’m surprised they haven’t moved away from styrofoam.

  5. Don’t dream in a super box for the revolution, i think that can save or spent in other things because nintendo dont waste too much in just a box.

    Its a +- $250 piece of hardware, macbooks got a lot more in the budget to cover the price of the package.

  6. I could imagine Nintendo copying Apple’s technique in the packaging department. One of the joys of owning an Apple product is when you open and take it out, it’s such a joy cus everything is laid out so neatly and in an orderly fashion. But at the same time Nintendo probably doesn’t want to divert too much resources on just a box.

  7. i love the black one and the last one.

    Could the last secret of the revolution be VoiP, with a camera and all.. ? As the console looks like a simcard…

    watching your hilarious face when I pwn you with Kart, Teris and all other WiFi games once again


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