Retro-bit Offering Wireless Controllers for Retro Consoles


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As a palate cleanser from all of the XBox news yesterday and the seemingly endless debate over which console will win the next generation when two of them still have months left until they hit the market, comes news on the retro gaming front.  Retro-bit, a company that produces products for many retired consoles, has announced that they are releasing a new line of wireless controllers for the NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, and N64.  There will be a total of 3 controllers released for the Hypermode series.  The N64 and Sega Genesis will receive their own controllers, with the third controller being able to be used for both the NES and SNES.

The Hypermode controllers allow turbo functionality for all of the buttons, and they each use a 2.4GHz receiver to communicate with the console.  The N64 controller even has the Rumble Pak slot.  In addition, the Sega Genesis and NES / SNES controllers are PC and Mac compatible.

The N64 controller is scheduled to be released in the summer, with the other 2 coming this fall.  All of these controllers will each retail for $29.99, and they will be available exclusively through Innex.  Innex offers products from a variety of manufacturers, and they feature many video game related items.  Innex plans to showcase these new controllers, as well as many other products, at the upcoming E3 convention.

I am curious to test how well these controllers work, seeing as how authentic accessories grow more rare by the year.  I really want to try an SNES game, as the button configuration and ergonomics are noticeably different than the traditional SNES controller.  I’m not sure if I am thrilled to pay $30 for a controller on an old system, but it is good to have that choice to make.  Then I also have to consider that these controllers are wireless… So would you be interested in buying any of these controllers for your old consoles (if you have any), or do they simply not interest you?

And just in case you thought I was neglecting or forgetting the Sega Genesis controller, I figured I would place that picture down here (Genesis has to know their place on a Nintendo fan website)


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