Nintendo Restructures Hardware Department


imagesFor the first time, in almost nine years, Nintendo is restructuring their hardware division.  In the restructure, the handheld and console hardware development divisions will combine, allowing them to not only share their knowledge freely, but also team up to develop new and cutting edge hardware.  The Integrated Development Division will be active next month.

Although this might seem like fairly blah news, I find it rather exciting.  Now the divisions will have a direct means to collaborate on a regular basis.  I cannot wait to see what crazy idea will be put to life from this new division!

3 Responses to Nintendo Restructures Hardware Department

  1. wakko1337 says:

    Could this mean we may see more games out of Nintendo that have some sort of link-playability between handheld and console?

  2. frstOne says:

    I think this indicates the future convergence between home and handheld consoles. That is, a portable device that you can also connect to your tv like a home console. It seems inevitable by now.

  3. Matthew C says:

    This is exciting news. The Wii U is kind of like getting two systems in one. The Gamepad is sort of like having a new DS in addition to having a new home console. I cna see further devolopment on this adn a continuatio0n of successor s to Wii U and #ds communication with this division.

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