Resident Evil: Revelations may not be the last RE on 3DS. Would you buy another one?

If you have been listening to Infendo Radio you would know that I loved Resident Evil: Revelaitons Revelations. It is wonderful to have a meaty experience on the handheld that can suck you in for hours on end, or until the battery dies, whatever comes first. As a longtime fan of the Resident Evil series, I can honestly say that Revelations is right up there with Resident Evil 2 as one of my favorite games in the franchise. Turns out I’m not alone! In an interview with producer Masachika Kawata, IGN learned that fan reaction to the game has been so positive that he would like to drop everything and make another Resident Evil on 3DS straight away.

“I must admit, hearing players say how much they enjoyed Revelations does kind of make me want to forget the other projects and get stuck right into making another RE game for fans to enjoy (laughs).”

“Game development is always a very taxing process, no matter what the project, and the only thing that gets us through is the belief that, at the end of the journey, there are people waiting to enjoy the game. So if a game sells particularly well, then we have good reason to make more titles like it.”

While absolutely not a confirmation of anything to come, I imagine if Revelations sells well enough (which it has been) Capcom will want to make another Resident Evil for 3DS. I would even be for re-releasing the amazing Gamecube Resident Evil remake to the handheld. That game was stunning.

What do you think? Have you played Revelations? Did you enjoy your time with the game, and would you welcome another title on the handheld? Tell us in the comments below!

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