Report: New Wii U controllers will feature analog sticks

Wii U analog stick controller

According to a tweet sent out by @MATTYB00SH (which has since been deleted), the Wii U tablet controller will be undergoing a much-requested re-haul in the inclusion of analog sticks as opposed to the 3DS-like circle pads. The tweeted photo also shows small differences in the original Wi U tablet design. These changes include the plus and minus buttons being moved from the center to the right side of the controller and a Wii U logo added to the lower left.

Nintendo has gone on the record to state that a final form Wii U controller would be shown at E3 2012. Is this the final form that they speak of? If so, the decision to use analog sticks instead of circle pads will make developers of first-person shooters seemingly happy to work around in development.

Aside from the inclusion of analog sticks, are there any other changes to the Wii U controller that you would like to see? Ask away in the comments below.

5 Responses to Report: New Wii U controllers will feature analog sticks

  1. Eugene Allen says:

    Well that’s one of the items I asked Nintendo to change….hopefully they were listening and fix the rest of my issues with the console hahaha

  2. wakko1337 says:

    Is anyone else having problems trying to hide their arousal from this photo, or do I just have to blame it on just waking up? XD

  3. wakko1337 says:

    But seriously, I hope the controllee doesn’t have the same plastic as the 3DS. I want something that won’t attract marks from every movement I make…it’s bad enough the screen will be messy from touching it; but I can handle cleaning that.

  4. Brian Foster says:

    It looks pretty good as pictured but I’m wondering how easy is it going to be to hold this thing while working the dual sticks? It better have a durable rubberized bottom and contours for the hands underneath.

  5. Nfanboy says:

    That’s a great development.
    That’s means Nintendo is listening the devs.
    Maybe they listen them for the power if the system as well.

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